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In the park

In the park – Photo: ©Thea by Me


Thanks for the enlightener

This recent week, I’ve listened a lot to Dolores Cannon on YouTube. Her career as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression spanned almost 50 years, and she has done a fantastic work healing people and at the same time have learned a lot what life really is about. But she is very precise when pointing out she is not a trance channeller, everything she has learnt has come from talking with her “sleeping” clients, recording the sessions and then transcribed them. The recordings that is, not the clients…

In most of the videos I’ve seen she is in her seventies, and I really do admire her immense curiosity to keep on learning more and more, she is bright and she is very knowledgeable! In that sense, I want to be like her. (I don’t want to be a hypno therapist though.)

She has also written a lot of books, containing facts that she’s got from the clients during the sessions of previous lives, and also from “They”, a group of non-physical entities that have told her lots and lots of important things about – well! About Life, Universe and Everything!

I have a couple of her books in my bookcase, and I read them really eagerly. One of them is the same as she is talking about in the video down below, “Jesus and the Essenes”. It’s a fantastic book, very, very interesting! The life of Jesus in a nut shell!
And those who are under the spell thinking that the bible is nothing but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, might get a shock. But, I’m not saying everything in the Bible are lies, there is just missing so much! (Oh! The council in Nicea in 325…. politics… )

But those thoughts are for another time…

In her later videos she talks a lot about the New Earth and about the custodians. The earth is going through as shift to a lighter dimension, based on love only. And the custodians, they are the caretakers. Taking care of us – stupid, ignorant earthlings that poison our air, our food, the animals and the plants. Poisoning ourselves – and the earth, our mother Gaia. Yes, the custodians really do have harsh work here, to protect the earth, and stop us from destroying her completely, now when we are so un-evolved as we are and don’t even understand that.

Luckily everyone isn’t stupid like that, and more and more people are awakening.

I think you’ve better listen to Dolores yourself! I can’t possibly explain it all. I like these recorded  broadcasting talks, but there are also many other good lectures to choose from.

The Metaphysical Hour with Dolores Cannon: Jesus and the Essenes

The findings of Nag Hammadi

This topic is so interesting!

I forgot to tell you

You might have read, and may remember, that I not long ago wrote about the moment when I said “I love you, Mom”, then started to cry and after that felt so much better in my relationship with her.

This could have been kind of an awkward thing to say, considering Mom has been dead for a long, long time. For me, these kind of things aren’t awkward at all, but what do you say about the following?

A couple of days later… it is late afternoon and I’m preparing dinner. Suddenly, while chopping the veggies, I hear a voice in my head.
– Hi, it says.
– Mom???
– Yes. Does it feel very uncomfortable for you, that I’m here talking to you?

I understand she doesn’t mean the voice in my head per se, I’m pretty used to that, but that she is concerned since I earlier have found it very distressing even to think about her.

I reach inside and search for such a feeling.
– No, I say. I’m good.
I can feel she is smiling, and then she says:
– I just wanted to tell you, I’ve always loved you very, very much. And I still do.
– I love you too, Mom!
Then she is gone.

I can’t tell you how I knew it was Mom. It was not the voice, which was just like a thought in my head. It was something else. A feeling! A knowing!

Yes! I just knew it was her, and it felt divinely good.

Painting by Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan