To meditate, to connect with your soul, is the best thing you can do. For your health, your body, your mind. Not just 15 minutes a day, but to remain in as much as possible, in everything you do. While you're doing the dishes, walking the dog, throwing away the garbage, vacuuming your living space. [...]

When it happens, it happens.

It has been quite windy for several days now. Storm, I think it's called, when it blows as hard as this. It has also rained, with heavy showers and also some hail. And it has gotten much colder. This morning it was only 5 degrees Celsius, and the wind was tormenting my face while I [...]

High time, and a little bit about me

The more I got confident in listening to my inner voice, the more from this inner voice I received. Now I have a daily...  NO! hourly... NO! all the time conversation, with my dear spirit within. From an outer aspect of this, it all began sometime in the eighties, when I happened to stumble upon [...]

What’s up?

Not much, really. In a way, I've been quite bone idle lately. Besides the ordinary "to-do's", what I mostly have occupied myself with, is to configure the new blog. Thus, I've spent a lot of time by the computer. Which is not good for the back. It's quite fun, but also time-consuming. The hardest part [...]


I did buy that Premium plan! It felt so Oooops when I saw I could get 20% discount. At first I thought it was a divine gift, a hint that I really should do this. That it is the next step on my way, and that I would benefit from it. Then I realized it [...]

Been pondering

For quite some time, now, I've been thinking about upgrading my blog to the Premium plan. At first, I was thinking of getting the less expensive choice, a Personal plan, but that would only take away the ads and the "wordpress" in the address. Okay! It would also double the storage space from 3 Gb [...]