I must say…

… it has been a tired week.

From the day I signed the contract for my apartment, it seems to have been a lot around me.
The night to Friday I slept very poorly. I just couldn’t fall asleep, and thus I got only four hours of sleep, had to rise early, you see.

People from one of the Second-Hand facilities were supposed to come and fetch things sometimes between 8-10 am. They came at 9…
But it’s a relief to get rid of stuff I don’t want any more. And they will fetch more before I move, but need to keep until then.

After that I finished my breakfast, and biked to DaughterM to fetch the car. I was going to visit my youngest daughter, L, and her family friday to saturday. She lives 150 kilometers from here, and those kilometers was not only on highways, so that trip would take at least 2 hours. But I really looked forward to this visit, so happily I went away!

This circa 24 hours long visit was wonderful! The little guy, 4,5 years old, is adorable, but he can be quite stubborn and this time he also whined a lot. Even his mom and dad lost their patience finally. I would have lost my patience much earlier, but I kept my mouth shut. It’s not my place to interfere in these matters. And after all – he IS adorable – and he HAD reason to whine! I can understand that! But I whispered to DaughterL: Don’t you ever get angry? Yes, she whispered back.

But as a matter of fact, I really admire their way of bringing up the Kiddo.

What I don’t admire, is the way I stuffed myself with too much food that I shouldn’t eat at all. I eat normally mostly vegan, like 95% or even more. And this weekend, I started the “stomach-abuse” with lunch at a cosy restaurant where I had smoked salmon and mixed salad, a blueberry tart and coffee. And the salmon was so heavily smoked, I felt the taste of it the entire day.

Salmon – salad

Later we had a coffee-break together; me, the son in law (M) and the Kiddo. DaughterL was still at work. To my slices of bread I had Italian salami, thin slices of smoked ham, and Swiss cheese. And espresso coffee (I always have extra water).

Since they have been renovating their house for several months now, and this was the first weekend all three of them could actually move back home and also sleep there again,  it was a bit… well… Messy! The bathroom wasn’t complete yet, there was no water at all accessible on the bottom floor – neither in the kitchen nor in the bathroom – but luckily there was at least a functioning toilet upstairs. M had during the recent days assembled the kitchen cupboards, but they still lacked countertops, and earlier that day the electricity had been connected to fridge, freezer, micro oven and the stove. Therefore we were unable to cook properly, had actually not even any food in the house, but we decided to barbeque sausages for dinner instead, which Daughter L bought on her way home from work, and to those add some veggies from the garden.

I had two thick sausages… one with chili…
I had hoped that M would make some kind of steak for us, with his Sous vide equipment… but… but…

Still, it was nice, and we could sit outside at the patio until almost dark, admiring the farmer plowing the rapeseed field beyond the house, the descending sun, the jungly kitchen-garden…

Then there was only chocolate.

The Kiddo didn’t want to paint with me – but he wanted to build with Lego with me… he built a train, of course! … and here his dad points a finger at my tower.
My tower – front
My tower – back

The next day’s food consumption wasn’t much better. I didn’t skip the usual fruit for breakfast, but added some bread, smoked ham, Swiss cheese… espresso coffee (with extra water…)
As a quick lunch – some bread with smoked ham and mustard… I had to leave early in the afternoon to make sure I’d return the car before 4.30 PM

On the way home I stopped twice. The first time I bought myself a large café au lait, the second time I bought a sausage and french fries… you see where it’s going?

The result of all this? Extremely tired. And mostly due to the poor eating-habit this weekend. The meat and the sausages were probably “only” too much, I’m used to beans, and meat only once in a while, and then mostly chicken! The cheese I shouldn’t have touched at all. I have especially experienced this kind of fatigue connected to cheese earlier. And now together with milk and salmon and all the other animal products, it became way too much for my body.

I was deadly tired the rest of the saturday, and the entire sunday. The stomach reacted, and the pain and stiffness in my back had increased so much I couldn’t sleep the night before monday. I reckon I got two hours of sleep that night. The pain and stiffness partly due to the meat and cheese consumption, partly to the many hours I had spent lying in my sofa, and before that – the entire weekend sitting too much. In the car… on some chair…

Monday morning I was supposed to drive my eldest grandson to his work in a nearby city. (I do that sometimes.) After two hours of sleep and a back I hardly couldn’t move at all, I started the day trying to give my back a massage. Then biking to the daughter, fetching the car and the grandson, and then behind the steering wheel.

At this time, and much thanks to almost 15 minutes on the bike, it didn’t feel quite as stiff and weird any longer, but I still pushed the “ass-warmer” button ON. I even managed after dropping him off, to do some food-shopping. Really needed lots of fruits and vegetables now.

But then I spent most of the day on the sofa on a hot-pad, napping. Though I had, of course, to get my grandson back home in the afternoon. But after that – the sofa again.

I feel better now, but I’m still more tired than usual, and had to take a nap in the afternoon. The back is still stiff as a board and aches. But I can at least move relatively freely now, met friends yesterday, been biking 14,5 kilometers today, and will join other friends tomorrow.

I just have been reminded of – again – that biking isn’t enough. I need to exercise the rest of the body and the other muscles as well. Not be sitting so much.