Moving along…

Sometimes life takes turns, doesn’t it? Thinking that it would go one way, then suddenly you’re on a quite different road. No biggies, perhaps, but now I can’t even think about memories of times past, less write about it. It’s a pity, but for the time being, so it is!

Yes! Instead it’s mostly about the new apartment and the move there. Tuesday afternoon, it will be ”show-room” here. People who are interested in taking over this apartment, are invited to come here and have a look. Two groups with four in each are coming to invade my home and inspect ( 😉 ) . And added to those, also the man from the housing company, who, by the way, is both nice and good-looking.

I can look at, can’t I, even though I’m not looking for? If you catch my drift here…

Nevertheless, yesterday I was cleaning almost the entire apartment, including removing the rug and moving the sofa away from its place, in order to be able to clean the floor properly. So today I feel very well done. Like a beaten steak.

Yes! I did put the rug back on the floor and the sofa back close to the wall afterwards…

I’ve occupied myself with some napping too. And been reading! Trying to go through some of the books on my (physical) book shelf. The more of them I can leave behind, the better. I don’t have to own all of these dust-collecting things.

Though, I admit, it’s getting harder and harder to give them away, the less I have left on the shelves. But of course! I won’t give away all of them.

That would certainly be against the person I am.

Among the hardest to get rid of, was my collection of Stephen King’s books. I had to convince myself over and over again to let them go. They are available to me for listening and reading at Storytel, AND I also have all of them on iBooks. And the goddess knows, it’s much easier to hold the iPad and read, than to hold a physical King-book and read. Especially those with 1000 pages or more. Yeah! Brick stones!

Not quite as hard to get rid of, was my collection of Haruki Murakami-books. Also available at Storytel. I’ll keep my Castaneda’s though. To mention just some of my ”which-ones-to-get-rid-of” problems.

Now what I’ve left, are mostly spiritual books, some philosophy and psychology, and such. Just a couple of fiction novels. But I have a huge library close by to borrow from, if I want to.

So this is what I mostly do presently. Read. Nap. Listen to Kryon. Watch Britain’s got talent on YouTube, and sometimes dance to the music. It’s pretty nice, isn’t it?

But! Oh gosh – how tired I am! May the moving part be done soon, so I can be thoroughly rested. Planning and preparing, and the excitement if getting the apartment or not, and all the other must do’s in this stage, is in a way more tiring than the cleaning, packing and actual move. The latter is ”only” physical.