The first part of this moving-procedure is now done, and I can peacefully rest. The lease is signed, the first inspection is done, and yesterday there were some people who are interested in taking over my apartment, here to look around.

I have also got confirmation from the two most important people I rely on, who are going to help me with the actual moving. The day/date was scheduled by the building company, and now also the exact hour is decided and settled. For now, I only hope that at least one more person will show up to assist. A while ago I asked my eldest grandson about it. He said “yes, of course” and I just hope he still will say “yes” at December 7th.

If not? Well – I don’t have that much stuff…

So now I can take it easy for a while, not having these fairly stressful must’s on my mind any longer. Those are all settled. What I have to do however, are all those “changing the address” hither and thither. And packing and cleaning – and throwing or giving away more unnecessary items.

But there’s no hurry about that! Almost three months left to go…
I feel GOOOOOD!!!