and so … monday

Yesterday was such a perfect day!
I, my Daughter M and her daughter C went by car to see my youngest daughter L on her birthday. It’s quite a bit of a drive, 140 kilometers, but still not extremely far. It took us a little less then two hours in each direction. So it’s doable to go there and then go back home again at the same day.

It was us three, Daughter L, the Kiddo, her husband and his parents. Since this was the first time Daughter M and C visited Daughter L at their new house, they had to walk through it all, and see all the facilities and the surroundings.

They looked inside the entire house, walked around in the garden, and peeped in to the old stable and the former garage that is meant to be rebuilt to a small apartment. L & M aim for weekly or holiday leasing of that “room with benefits” (bathroom & a small kitchen) to summer guests. There are lots and lots of tourists in this area during the summer months.
And off season, I might lodge there for a week or so.

After some time of deep admiring, it was time for dinner. Starting whith bubbly wine (Pink champagne – not – but almost) and for us who didn’t want alcohol, there was pear cider.

Then dinner was served. L and her mother in law had made a Lasagne based on squash (courgette) and a minced chicken and tomato sauce. Spiced with chili and herbs from the garden. Mixed salad to that.
Oh. So. Delicious!

Then a Pause.
Some went out for a walk. C sat with her iPhone plugged into the ears… hm… she’s fourteen… I’ll only say that…
M spent time at his computers; we grandmothers tried to do the dishes and lay the table for the CAKE and COFFEE! We couldn’t find enough of clean spoons…
All this dwelling in peace and quietness.

After an hour or so, we were all gathered again. A coffee machine is perfect when everyone wants different kinds of coffee. Espresso. Cafe Latte on oat milk. Ordinary black – Americana we call that one… (Hehe…)
And – Pavlova.


So utterly superb! Home made meringue which was crispy and chewy and simply melted in the mouth. The cold whipped cream. The berries. Sweet cherries and black grapes. Fresh and a tiny bit tangy strawberries. Blueberries…
Could have yearned for the lemon curd, but I didn’t.

Then it all broke lose. The talking part, I mean. Not that we had been silent all the time prior to this moment, but now we were “that” family again. The talking family!
Among other things, C was telling about her difficulties in school, and to do her homework. C has ADHD qualities, just as I have, and thus difficulties to concentrate with all noise around and such. Also her mother and her two brothers has ADHD.

Hence! I feel, here and now, that I’d rather prefer to tell you about ADHD and our discussion yesterday in a blogpost of its own. It would be way too much writing here otherwise, and such a different topic from having a birthday party. I’ll stay shallow this time.
But I can tell you this now; even though the waves of the discussion went high, it was all loving, funny, engaging and giving.
Yeah! It was simply wonderful.

On the way home, late that afternoon, we stopped once at a gas station. Not to fill the car with gas, that wasn’t needed. But we had needs. To pee. I and C also wanted something to eat. Something not sugary. We choose sausages.
And we three standing there together, at that gas station while it slowly darkened outside, gave me the most wonderful feeling of togetherness.

We two grown-ups were talking and talking the entire way both while driving to L, and home again. Almost two hours in each direction, nestling in the deepest togetherness ever. And the girl sitting deep in something she listened to on the iPhone. She didn’t hear a word of what we were talking about. Luckily.

Yes! It had been the most wonderful day.
Us all! Daughter L and her family. Me, Daughter M and C. The in-laws.
❤  ❤ ❤

One of the coincidences in life happened, and gave me two different kinds of Pavlovas in only a couple of days. I who almost never eat these kinds of cakes. Too sugary for my taste, and are mostly baked with wheat flour which is big no-no for me.
The first one (on thursday afternoon) had strawberries on the top, and something lemony in the whipped cream (thumbs up), but no home made meringues (which was a loss).

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