Been pondering

For quite some time, now, I’ve been thinking about upgrading my blog to the Premium plan. At first, I was thinking of getting the less expensive choice, a Personal plan, but that would only take away the ads and the “wordpress” in the address. Okay! It would also double the storage space from 3 Gb to 6, but these enhancements aren’t enough in my opinion.

I had realized my current web address is too long, and all the numbers!!! – Well, I hate that! I didn’t want them, but it seemed I had no choice. Don’t remember I was given any choice! When the name “thoughtsandponderings” was ok’d and I clicked “yes”, then suddenly those numbers, 714997110, were added. Why? And how was it, I wasn’t given the option to pick another name at that point?

I also want to focus a bit more again on writing and blogging. I know I have gone astray lately, due to various events, but it’s not to late to change that. Going back on track again, so to speak.
I want to focus more on telling you about remembrances from my life, and also focus more on spirituality. But since I am who I am, I’ll probably keep on, going astray with various topics.

The decision to actually subscribe to a premium plan, came when I realized it would cost me less per month than Netflix. And per year, only a little more than what I until recently have paid for my domain at And since I have left Netflix, and said goodbye to – I never do homepages any more, neither for myself nor anyone else, and paying a yearly fee to for having one or two mail-addresses there only – No! That isn’t worth the money!

Then! Practically! How to do this? I hesitated for a long time to go through with this task. Mostly since I wanted to change the name as well. Was that doable? Would it cost me extra?
Then suddenly last week, I realized I could create another blog at the same account as this one, hopefully get a shorter name, and then upgrade that one!

I did, and WP accepted the name “theabyme” immediately! And no numbers added! Yippiieee!!!

Then came the question… should I move everything, every post, over there from here and simply – in due time – delete this one? Or should I keep them both? Just divide the topics between them? For the time being, I’m leaning at (on?) the latter decision. The autobiographic and the spiritual parts on the new one, and let everything about music, books, reading, writings in general, and things like gathering with friends and family, remain here.

Should I say: Let the shallow human topics remain here, and gather the serious stuff over there? 😀 😀 😀

So I have created a new blog – Thea by Me. I have looked for an acceptable theme to use – temporarily. I have exported most of my posts over there, so I haven’t written anything new for that one yet. I really tried to not go too fast forward with this.

Actually there is just one “but” now. I have to wait – maybe a month, maybe more – before I actually buy this upgrade. I have to pay the fee annually, and for the time being I have to be careful with my economy. I have recently been to the dentist, and also had to purchase a new MagSafe adapter for my MacBook, just to mention a couple of the “extras” this month. And then there is the Move coming up early in December… and to that I promised my Daughter M to be of at least some help, since my granddaughter “accidentally” happened to smash her iPhone, and need a new one… (What on earth have I gotten myself into…)

However, the blog itself is launched, even though I have to work on it more. Delete some of the posts; preferably find photos to set as featured image on the remaining posts; work out what better categories and tags I ought to use; and so on.

The address now is, and later – with the “wordpress” gone, it will be short, nice and easy to remember.

THEN! I’ll also have lots of Premium themes to choose from… won’t have any problems with what to spend my free hours with then… knowing myself… (it’s fun!)