Hi everyone!

You’re very Welcome to Thea by Me!

It might not be obvious, but this is a brand new blog. A second blog! Or if you want – this is the first one. 😀

And it is under construction!

I’ve imported most of the posts from my other – Thoughts & Ponderings – to have something to begin with while working with the layout. For the time being I’ve chosen one of the premium templates I liked, and whether I’ll keep that one or change to something sleek and white (and boring) later, I haven’t decided yet. Though, I like this one!

My intent is, to here primarily write about spirituality in different ways, my ways, and also share memories from my past. All other stuff will remain on T&P.

So here I’ll delete some posts, clean up among categories and tags, delete photos and other type of images that are not used, add featured images to all posts, and on the whole – try to get this blog a little more serious when it comes to layout and setup.

And of course – be more serious and regular with the writing and posting. I could say: I have a plan!

P.S! Thank you very much, Theusedlife, 
for visiting, liking and following. 
I really appreciate that!
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