I did buy that Premium plan! It felt so Oooops when I saw I could get 20% discount. At first I thought it was a divine gift, a hint that I really should do this. That it is the next step on my way, and that I would benefit from it.

Then I realized it was probably just WordPress that registered I had created a new blog, and wanted to catch me.

But the fact that I actually saw that I could get the Premium plan to reduced price, after having thought about it and also written about it – may very well have been a divine hint! A push from my Dear Spirit Within, just there and then, inspired me to look at the stats page where I read about the offer.

So I did it! I now have a Premium plan on Thea by Me

It’s so fun! I not only have all the premium themes to choose from. I also have a Costume designer that offers endless amounts of palettes, and I can furthermore change almost every color on the theme, one at a time, manually.

There are also loads of background images. One gets suggestions for some that corresponds well to the colors you’ve chosen. But I would say, those images are mostly way too patterened and multicolored. The background could easily draw the attention to itself, kind of competing with the posts to have the visitors attention.

Then there are a lot more fonts to choose between. Which makes all of this so fun to work with. Of course there are also the possibility to use CSS, and add plugins. Though, I shamefully have to admit, I don’t know how to work with CSS. I know what it is, understand that very well, I have sometimes been working with html, and I’m familiar with color coding. But changing things using CSS the way WP presents it, I just can’t. I’ve tried, but understood nothing, and when I tried to learn, I just got so tired in my head. So I skipped the whole thing about CSS.

And now – Oh My Gosh! – the entire day has gone by, but luckily I don’t have to go up early tomorrow. Three days in a row of early mornings are more than enough.