What’s up?

Not much, really. In a way, I’ve been quite bone idle lately. Besides the ordinary “to-do’s”, what I mostly have occupied myself with, is to configure the new blog. Thus, I’ve spent a lot of time by the computer. Which is not good for the back.

It’s quite fun, but also time-consuming. The hardest part is to find a theme I like. Since I intend to mostly focus on writing, I need a theme with a fairly narrow main column. It’s much easier to read a text, and also understand what you read, if the rows aren’t too long.

That’ not easy to find. Especially not among the newer themes. “All” of them seem to be big, with broad main column and big font size. And to that – white. Always white, sleek and – boring. There are people who can make these kinds of themes really beautiful – but I’m not one of those.

There are of course exceptions, but you have to try the themes, to actually find out about that. You can never, or at least rarely, see it in beforehand, what a theme will look like until you actually have tested the ones you think might be likeable for you.

I know most of the free themes, what they look like “in action”, but now I had the possibilities to explore all the premium ones. All one hundred and ninety seven of them…

I scrolled, had a preview of some, find a couple which I liked and eventually one of them could be the one I would choose. Perhaps. The brooooaaad ones I kicked aside at once. Liked “Blocco” in many ways, but hated the widget cubicles that didn’t adapt in size if the widget itself was small. Like the “Follow button”. It looked so silly with all that empty space. And I want widgets! But I realized thanks to this, that I wanted and needed the possibility to have featured images.

I temporarily activated an old theme – old themes mostly have a narrow main column, and all the posts can be seen and scrolled through at the homepage. I needed that, to be able to see the whole post, all the text, so I easily could decide which posts I didn’t want to have on the blog. So I deleted more than half the amount of posts I had imported. Then I added featured images to the ones which were left, and I also examined the categories and deleted most of them – and instead added a couple of new ones.

I kept working until really late a couple of days in a row. Tested yet a couple of themes, had preferences to black, but not totally black, found some, liked one called Verity. But – there were always something about those themes I didn’t feel comfortable with. Even the old theme “Handmade”, which I used while browsing my posts, was actually really nice. I like many of the old ones, but I want a theme that has the possibility to show Featured images, and are shown in a way I like them to be.

Today, before noon, I started over from the beginning, exploring the newest premium themes. I opened the latest first. Named: Photo blog. Which I really didn’t think I would like. One for Photography!!! But I really got surprised! It had an acceptably narrow main column, and one of the Style Packs appealed to me. It was light but not white, and have an older flare. That was really totally okay!

So that one I can “live with” – at least for the time being. To begin with. I’ll most probably investigate most of the other premium themes, by and by, but now I feel I want to start writing something instead of fixing. I have a couple of ideas.

P.S. I still don’t like the Gutenberg editor…