Latest news…

… on the blog-creation-journey.

Sept 22, 8:50 PM
I’ve finally chosen the theme for this new blog, which I want to work with. It’s called Blocco. Oddly enough – maybe – or maybe not – I went back and chose the first one I tested.

I’ve also gone through all the images, one by one, to delete the possibility to comment on them. I’m so tired of all the spam comments on images. especially on older ones, when those people can’t comment on posts any longer. So at least there will be none of those any longer.

What more?
For the time being, nothing. I had planned to write a “real” something today, but when things happen – things happen!

But I’ll be back.

Edit – Sept 20, 10:00 PM
I’ve deleted more than half of those posts I imported, have added the theme I was aiming for,  changed the colors slightly, changed the fonts, and are now adding featured images to every post.

That one is quite tiresome…

Sept 20, 4:45 PM
I had to temporarily choose a “normal” theme, where the posts follow each other in a row while scrolling, in order to more easily see which posts and images to delete.

And that’s where I am, at the moment… in the deleting phase.


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