High time, and a little bit about me

The more I got confident in listening to my inner voice, the more from this inner voice I received. Now I have a daily…  NO! hourly… NO! all the time conversation, with my dear spirit within.

From an outer aspect of this, it all began sometime in the eighties, when I happened to stumble upon the books written by Shirley MacLaine, Out on a limb and all the following ones. This is of course not quite true. At the bottom, we are all sons and daughters of God, and we all have Gods spirit within us. And I also remember a couple of “incidents” earlier, when God had given me thoughts that had helped me in different ways.

But somewhere we have to start, when we are about to tell our journey towards enlightenment. And to me, it must have been about then. There were plenty of books and lots to read. Besides Shirley MacLaine, there were Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and lots of others.

There was a woman back then, who worked as a reflexology therapist but also was a psychic, and we, me and my two eldest daughters who where in their teens, just loved when she told us something concerning us, that she saw or felt. A couple of times I participated in group sessions and lectures, got healing massages, used stones, incense  and aroma oils, learned that I was intuitive and could understand “stuff” – which I later forgot – but on the whole, for quite some years I was pretty active in this.

I read a lot concerning “New age”, it was very interesting and should really be called “Old Age” instead. I took a course and have now a diploma as reflex-zone therapist myself. I read and learned about Ayur Veda, and still only use natural herbal oils on my skin. Organic of course.
If you can eat it – you can put it on your skin; if you can’t  – don’t!!!

I’ve forgotten about which year certain things happened or was done, but it doesn’t matter. I remember it all went up and down in some kind of waves. During the years I worked in the church – there were not much of spirituality at all (woooops…), and other periods of years I was very active.

When the burn-out grew within me, I had no ability to do anything, not even any spiritual efforts. Despite the fact I would probably have benefited from regular, daily meditation at least, I had no energy left to do that.

Not until I in February 2017 finally could move back to my hometown and my family, I slowly began to heal both physically and mentally. Also the spiritual side of me began to grow again. And I’m so grateful for all of that.

Since the eighties, spirituality has grown immensely all around the world. YouTube is filled with videos and sometime also audio books, of a spiritual nature. There are an immense amount of sites of different perspectives of spirituality, Podcasts. Movies. “The Secret”. It seems you can find absolutely anything and everything.

Recently I’ve listened to channeled messages. For a long time I liked to listen to “Channeling Ananda & Jesus”, to and fro I’ve followed Abraham-Hicks and…. no, I can’t repeat all the names…

A week ago, maybe 10 days, my eyes suddenly caught something on YouTube I hadn’t seen before. In big letters was written KRYON. I don’t know why my attention had awoken by this name. But it had! I got really curious and opened a random video.

And there was KRYON!

Of course I went that way, and now I AM HOOKED!!! I listen to Kryon’s teachings over and over again. From early mornings til late in the evening as much as I have the opportunity to. And I enjoy, learn and benefit a lot from listening to what Kryon has to say.

I feel great!!! It feels like I’ve taken the next step on this journey!