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Not too bone idle

To be totally honest, I’m not totally bone idle after all. My moving to a new apartment occupies my mind a lot, and I’m preparing for it. Both mentally and practically. By and by those necessary duties like signing the contract, comes and goes. Done and ready. There are a couple of those left to do, but it’s still too soon.

Meanwhile, I’m going through my belongings. Giving away, throwing away. Letting old things go. Little by little, each day, I get rid of something. Physical things, like books and clothes, furniture and small things. Like those which lies quietly in boxes, filling up space but are actually forgotten. I even found some stamps the other day. I don’t even remember the last time I needed stamps.

I’m also trying to make the patio look a bit better. The lawn is impossible to enhance, but I trim the hedge, try to weed, try to get rid of the dead moss in the lawn, dead due to the long drought this summer, and now lies like a stale brown-yellow covering over. On parts and pieces the grass has reclaimed its place, but on other parts, the moss-lid is still tight, and I try to rake it loose. Can’t say I’ve succeeded very well with the task, but I have at least been able to throw away some of it, and also managed to disintegrate most of the remaining parts.

Yesterday I dug a broader line along one side of the lawn next to the hedge, and that straight line makes the lawn really look nicer. You might even plant some flowers there now, not I, though. Tomorrow I’ll perhaps dig along another side of the lawn. Just the edge there.

What surprised me, was that my back allowed me to do this without complaining much at all…

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Click, said the clock

click, said the clock
and told it was midnight
quite a common thing
in this house
the house of night walkers
and sleepers awake

in the silent stillness
under the dark sky
and the bright moon

and the on-going
tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock…

Painting by Salvador Dali – Time exploding