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Some mornings…

Lately it has been really stormy weather. You can for sure call it “a bit of a blow” and certainly don’t mean light breezes. On the contrary. The night before yesterday, I was really glad I was at home behind closed doors, and really happy it all had calmed down a bit in the morning. Also the heavy downpours appeared to have increased, and it was acceptably easy to bike to my daughters place and fetch my grandson.

A couple of mornings, two or three every other week, I drive him to the neighbouring city, and his work there. Well, I drive him there – or fetch – most afternoons as well, but mornings are… mornings. Not my cup o’ tea, so to speak. However, this morning was one of the worst – and best.

The worst, due to the weather. I was lucky while biking through the darkness to get him and the car. It didn’t get wet at all. The day before I had become wet under the raincoat despite a really good one + trousers. My shoes had been soaked, but wise from experience I had brought a dry pair with me and dry socks so I could change. But yesterday I was lucky.

So we left. Still dark. The car indicated it was cold. So were we.

It began to rain again. Quite heavily, and the roads were already soaking wet from earlier. The lights from oncoming cars were blinding, mirrored in wet asphalt and puddles as they were.

Soon enough though, we hit the highway and continued there. Quite heavy traffic at that time in the morning, and soon all hell broke loose. Well, not hell exactly, not even hail. Rain! Rain! RAIN! Like someone had emptied lots of bathtubs over us. I hid behind a lorry (large truck), and stayed there. Felt safer. Why overtake any car, when you can hardly see through the showers, and there might very well be big puddles on the road!?

Not me! I’m a coward, and I have a precious grandson sitting beside me.

When circa five minutes left of the drive, the clouds had begun to be left more and more behind us. The rain stopped raining, the compact clouds began to disintegrate and some blue sky was shown. Now I passed a couple of lorries (large trucks), and the remaining distance all was bright and clear.

So we were there! I dropped the grandson off, drove then to the grocery store nearby, and when finished there – the sun had risen above the horizon.

It was a glorious morning now. The sun stung my eyes, low above the horizon as it was, so I decided to take the old road home instead of the highway.

I had the sun on my left and it was not long until I on my right saw the most wonderful rainbow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rainbow like this. So bright and clear in its colors, the whole spectra from red to indigo. And so broad!

Of course I hadn’t the iPhone at hand, so I couldn’t quickly take a photo of it. Especially since I at the same time was about to take a right turn from this road to another. When I finally got hold on the Phone, I was also driving through the village, passed a school and had to both drive very slowly and keep my eyes open for kids on their way to school. So I had to let my hand rest slightly on the steering wheel and take photos all by itself, while my mind was concentrating on the actual driving. So I just clicked away a couple of sessions while passing the village, and hoped for at least some decent photos.

Some were fairly okay, but the images could of course not compare with the real thing.

After passing the village, I relaxed. The rainbow was still there, on my right. Still broad. Still magnificent. But not as sharp and clear any longer. I glanced at my left side. Where the sun was. And wished I could stop the time. At least for a while. Nonetheless, I couldn’t even stop the car! Too narrow road for sight-seeing.

The rainbow was utterly magnificent and beautiful, but what revealed itself before my eyes on the left, was stunning. I don’t know if I can put this feeling in words. I hadn’t even a chance to catch what I saw on a photo. That was impossible!

The air was vibrant, bright and clear as love itself, and the sun shone on tiny raindrops over the fields far away. It looked like a fragile, glittering veil. Oh the brightness! This is how it must be like in heaven!

This utter beauty! I wanted to stay then and there forever, on the other side of time.

The rainbow followed me all the way home, but faded slowly as time went by. The last of it disintegrated in new clouds as I walked from the parking area to my apartment.

Later, after having my breakfast, I saw many images of this rainbow on Instagram. But I wonder – did anyone else but me, see that astonishingly beautiful sun illuminated veil over the fields? And the heavenly bright light all around?

I had some fun with the second photo. Cropped it more, and added a filter to make it a little bit more bright and colorful. However, don’t ask me which filter I used. Forgot almost immediately. But I used Pixlr. My favorite editing program. Particularly on iPad