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Been tired, am tired…

And I’m so much longing for the new apartment.

I can’t blame my preparing for the move to be the cause of the tiredness. Instead, I think it’s due to this current apartment. Bad air, bad living environment. It smells from under the sink in the kitchen, and the “enhanced” ventilation system is old now and doesn’t do its work.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is mold in there. Inside the pipe system.

I don’t think the apartment itself is infested with mold. At least I can’t see any obvious signs of any kind. No silverfishes, no “moist-spiders”. The apartment is 45 years old and as such, here and there, it smells old. Not only under the sink, but in the cupboard where the cleaning supplies are stored – and in the kitchen on the whole. Like if all the wooden parts have earlier been exposed to more than normal amount of moistness. Maybe or maybe not, but definitely due to age.

This is not some kind of persecution mania on my behalf!

First; I did once live in an apartment, which I moved into five years ago, where it appeared to be leakages from cracks in the sewers in the bathroom. The investigator measured water standing in the walls up to 20 cm at the worst areas, so of course, there were also mold. And of course, I did become sick from it.

Secondly! This housing estate where I live now has had its problems with mold and such. That’s why they added this newer ventilation system in all the buildings in mid-nineties, not only those that were moldy. I bet “my” building was one of the permeated ones.

Some time ago, I bought an Air Cleaner. It helped a lot. But now we’re heading towards winter, the days are getting shorter and colder, it darkens earlier for each day. I can’t spend hours on the patio any longer, and where would I go if I can’t stay at home? Thus, I feel the air irritates my throat, I sneeze over and over again, and every morning I wake up, I feel like I’ve caught a cold. And I’m more tired than just a couple of weeks ago.

Well! I just have to cope! I put the Air Cleaner on Turbo a little more often, and stay outdoors and away from home as much as possible. A couple of days now we have had really nice weather and almost summer warmth, so of course I spent time on the patio for several hours today. After my hour-long biking tour before lunch.

And there are only 56 days left to go now, until my move to the new apartment.
I can do that!