Don’t overdo it


I wrote a blog post the other day. For an hour I wrote, maybe two, maybe more, maybe less. Then I had to pause. Had an important errand to attend to. I never finished the post. Not then and there. When I got back home, I had lost the “Go”.

Then, yesterday evening, I found this Wayne Dyer quote. I started thinking. Would I in any way benefit from writing that post? Would anyone benefit from reading it?

The answer within me was “No”. Maybe some people would have, but on the whole? Nope!

A past period in my life, not of great importance, yet negative, and I don’t need to repeat thoughts about that any longer. And certainly not compare it with my present situation.

I did finish that blog post now, however, and posted it on my other blog. Thoughts & Ponderings
Thought “What the heck!” After all, I wrote a blog post.

AND I’ll move away from here Dec 7th, to this newly built building without any old issues. No mold, and no other wears and tears. And no lawn to move. 😀