Guess what I did this weekend?

I went a step further!

Only biking as exercise, isn’t enough. On the contrary. Together with computer work and sofa hang, you’re just sitting way too much. The same muscles, doing the same thing. You don’t use all the other muscles much, and thus, you don’t get balance. You also don’t do enough of physical activities. Unless you fling around all day through, with other stuff which inquires muscular involvement.

I don’t! I’m a retiree living alone in a small apartment, with very few obligations to perform. My interests are reading and writing and creating images in different ways. So I sit a lot.

Something had to be done about that. Going out on bike tours are good, but not enough. Even though I’ve increased my physical capability while biking this year, I move my body way too little. And now it’s time. Time to move further.

It’s thanks to the biking I’ve done so far! Without the next to daily use of my bike, I would probably have had way more physical shortcomings than I have. And with a different personality, I might at this time perhaps been addicted to medical care; medicines, and frequent visits to doctors. Diabetes, high blood pressure and such, perhaps.
I have still pain and stiffness in my body. That’s all.

My personality claims: Healthy eating and refusing to take drugs of any kind – which most of all includes medicines. Exercise in fun ways as much as possible, and do fun things, laugh, dance, anything that makes me feel good. All of these I could do more of… especially the exercising part…

Positive thinking – more of that later on – meditation or other forms of mindful relaxation, calmness, love… connecting with the Creator, living in the Realm of what most people call God. Spiritually and mentally I think I’ve grown a lot this last year. I feel really fine! Not perfect, maybe, if there is anything we can call perfect on this earth.

So what to do now, is to take more care of my body. I don’t eat “bad”, but I can do better. And then the physical. Now its time to go beyond biking.

This Saturday I visited one of the nearby training centers. The second nearest. The nearest felt a bit too posh. Too big. Too much! And I don’t want to swim or take a sauna, for example, and it would cost me more per month. So I chose to check this one out. Which still has “everything”. Gym, group training of different kinds, Zumba, personal trainer… name it – they’ve got it! But for now I only wanted some information, and to feel the energy of the place. Would I like it here?

I signed up! But didn’t do anything. Instead, I biked to the shopping center. Found myself a pair of shoes, that would fit during training, and a long, big t-shirt… 😉

Sunday afternoon I went there again. With all the necessary training equipment. (Not much really)
At first, it felt a bit scary. Coming all by myself into a big room filled with machines and weights. And men… quite a lot of them. One woman… But nobody cared much, they minded there own business. And soon I too was minding my own business.

Some of the machines I was familiar with from earlier periods in my life at some gym or another, some I hadn’t encountered before. I worked out very cautiously for a while – and with pauses in between – on my back, shoulders and belly.
Today, Tuesday morning, I can really feel I did something that afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ve booked 45 minutes, to get introduced to the machines and how to work them. Hopefully, it will only be me and the trainer then…

… or maybe it would be nice to meet another beginner?
Since that’s what I am. One anew beginner.

One corner of the room. at a rare moment with no one there.

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