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High time!

Yes! It’s about time now to put in some effort and do – whatever it is I’m supposed to do. I have been a lazy-butt lately, but it has had its reasons. One of those, a very unexpected one.

I’d been tired and felt very murky for quite some time. Weeks and weeks. A bit up, and a bit down, but never really well and filled with energy. I asked my inner being for help. To tell me if there was something I was regularly eating that wasn’t good for me.

About 1,5 week ago, there was the Voice in my head telling me I shouldn’t eat chlorella. That is an alga known to be very nutritious, and also very helpful to clean the body from waste products.

Since I’ve learned to listen to this inner Voice, I immediately stopped taking that food supplement. In less than 24 hours I felt much more alert. The stomach wasn’t bloated as much anymore, and the tiredness was at a more normal rate. I suddenly slept better, and wanted to do more of – everything! (Except the dishes… 😉 )

In less than a week I had also lost 1,2 kilograms (almost 3 pounds), and I felt really perky! It was easier to eat less, and to stay hungry for a while before eating,

Overall – I realized it was easier for me to move around. I had regained energy, and among other things, I biked more easily again. In fact, the first two weeks of biking in October were lousy, my log-file told me, but now my strength and willingness to bike had come back to normal again. No! I actually feel better now than earlier!

I also really enjoy going to the gym. It feels good – and I feel slim, even though I am not. Not yet.

Actually! I had no idea it was the alga that was the problem, and I’m really grateful for my inner being to taking care of me, helping me, and teaching me stuff.