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Starting new & fresh

Not long ago, I began to color again using the app Colortherapy. It’s funny and relaxing, and adding some more color and filters with the help of the app Pixlr, makes this color meditation even better.

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To write, or not to write

Is that a question?
In that case, my answer is yes.

This account, the first blog called “Thoughts & Ponderings”, I started since I wanted to write about Mom and what I experienced during my childhood. And further on…
I also wanted to write about my spiritual path, including doing the lessons in “A Course in Miracles.

First, my Childhood Memories

– finished way sooner than I thought it would. I came to terms with my Mom. That’s a good thing and I’m really glad. What I wrote then, you now can read under the label “Down Memory lane” in the menu. I’ve altered the posts into a chronological order, just the way I wrote it.

Second – doing the lessons in “A Course in Miracles”

– there I failed. Actually, that doesn’t bother me. There are many ways to reach conscious awareness, and maybe this particular one isn’t mine to go. Or it will be later.

And due to that, most of my writing stopped which I hadn’t been counting on. I wrote some, but in a way, after finishing writing about Mom, I felt quite emptied.

I also realized I wasn’t quite pleased with the blog itself. Not the writing per se, but partly what it looked like and mostly whereas the name.
The web address, particularly. Way too long! After some pondering, I reckoned the easiest way was to create a new blog. If I had understood it rightly, it would cost me a sum to change the web address, and then I would still be haunted by the .wordpress part of it.

At that time it felt natural to me, to call the blog “Thêa by Me” and I immediately created a new blog under that name – and didn’t have to cope with any numbers put in there like an unwanted tail.

Of course, Wp offered me a premium plan to a 20% discount, and I jumped to it!
So there’s the name, short and simple. And there are no ads any longer, and I have more themes to choose from – which doesn’t make choosing easier, by the way.

So now what?
I’m supposed to write!
What’s stopping me?

I want to be true!
To both myself and to my writing!
I want to write every day!
I want to write important things, about topics that matter!
Topics that interests me!

And then I end up telling about my soon to be apartment, and that I’ve begun going to a gym for working out. How interesting is that?

Okay! One of my interests is the conception of food and health – but I don’t want to have a pure food-blog. I’ve been there, done that.
I’ve also realized I’m not a one-topic-person! I can’t stick to that. So I’ll be versatile since that’s more me!

Can I begin with some serious writing now?

Hopefully! And meantime I’ll try to figure out the right categories, and try to stick to those. One topic – one category. Spirituality, Quotes, Down Memory Lane, Food & Health… what else?


One last thing though. Those people who have been visiting me and also follow me at “Thoughts & Ponderings”? What about them?

I’ve been thinking about that. And we all know one thing. Either people follow you because they want to follow you, and for one or another reason like what you publish. But there are also those who follow just because they want you to follow them. And there are business people who want you to buy something.

Those who show up here now, from T&P, are the ones well worth keep following. Isn’t it? Except those who just want something from you.

Apropos that! I also want to be more active in commenting. I read most of the posts in the blogs I follow but am still terrible to comment. But I’ll give that until mid-December. When I’m through all packing and cleaning and moving. I accept that I now am in some kind of half-half country. In between apartments, metaphorically speaking. Don’t have my mind properly focused on anything, actually. Hardly even read any books at present…