How to surprise yourself

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been looking for the “right” theme for it. I’ve tested many – after all there are now also 197 premium themes I can choose from, and I really think it’s fun to check out new themes – but it’s not an easy task to pick out the one you like the best.

I’ve preferences, you know. A narrow main column, for the sake of readability. A personal touch, and wouldn’t mind it to be colorful. Featured images, but not so that I must have one. Wouldn’t mind featured content, showing some posts, with an image, in a slider of some sort. I like it when the header is centered and fairly big, and I prefer to have a normal old fashioned menu at the top, and the widgets on the bottom. Can accept the widget in a sidebar, bur there are some musts and must-nots there.

And it mustn’t be white!
Not a sleek, white, plain, elegant, minimal blog for me!

I know! There are many blogger that have chosen one of those themes, and really have made it super beautiful. I kind of envy them! But I have never been comfortable having one like that myself. And I’ll see it everyday whether I post anything or not, It bores me, and I want to love the theme I choose! I want to feel happy about it, fell joy when writing and posting.

And what happens?



After testing many and actually trying some published – dark ones, vintage ones, even a free theme for a while – I finally get hooked on a white, slim, elegant… et cetera… theme.

Talk about a big surprise!

I like the narrow main column, the way the header images and widgets appear, the placement of the header – and maybe most of all: that I for example can add drop-caps, make some paragraphs a bit bigger, and such.

It required some CSS and HTML issues, of course, and it’s been a long time since I used such matters. Except for color coding. So after a long time searching WP for some reminders, I still knew the general of it, but not all the details, I finally found that pages and could make a note for myself what codes to add and where. It took quite some time to do all this in my first post here, almost the entire Thursday, but I felt pleased and satisfied when finished.

Will I keep this theme forever?

How long is forever?

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