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Only 38 days left to go

Five weeks and a couple of days, until my move to the new apartment.
The realization hit me hard when I saw how little time it is left. Little time, lots to do!

Or rather – now it’s time to seriously get going with all the preparations. Cleaning. Packing. Inform people and authorities about the change of address.
To the most important ones, I’ve already done so.
The tax-authority, for the electricity, the broadband/Internet…

Luckily I yesterday booked time for “my” Second-hand buyer-seller to fetch some of my old stuff. The kitchen table and two bookshelves. A box with some books and other smaller things. They couldn’t come until nov 20th. What if I had waited longer to book them?

On the other hand –
I have this apartment yet another week, after Dec 7th…

To me, this is not just a move from one apartment to another. I also see it as a New Life. Starting over, new and fresh. A lovely, bright apartment in a new-built building. New surroundings. New intentions.

I see myself in this sun-drenched sphere.
Reading on the balcony.
Sitting on the sofa, watching movies 
Writing novels and short stories at the desk board.
Enjoying myself and my life.