Moving along

What I do, when I don't do what I ought to do? First of all - I skip the "ought to do". And move along. Of course, I can do that on the couch! You don't have to be physically active to move along! Although life acquires some physical activity as well. In different ways. [...]

Living on the couch

When a couple of days ago I realized the move is due next week, it suddenly felt so close. I mean, if you say "in 10 days" or "in 12 days" or even "in 8 days" contra "next week", it sure does feel closer with "next week", doesn't it? More urgent, somehow. More "now, let's [...]

Good morning

It's a colorful day today, isn't it? Let's keep it that way, even if it's cloudy and gray. For me, I'll be attending a birthday party this afternoon. Not that it will be any partying, per se, the man in question is turning 75 and quite handicapped. Parkinson's disease, wheel chair and such. However, the [...]