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Moving along

What I do, when I don’t do what I ought to do? First of all – I skip the “ought to do”. And move along.

Of course, I can do that on the couch! You don’t have to be physically active to move along! Although life acquires some physical activity as well. In different ways. And quite a lot, actually. But that’s another kind of physical activity. Walking, biking, working out, running… whatever!

My “working out” now, is mostly inside of me. Some as subtle as a sudden memory. Not for long, no pondering or deeper reflections. More like when you browse through a pack of photos, glance at each for a second or two, and then put it aside. You may think, “Oh, that was him! What was his name now again?” or “Oh! She! She was nice.” And a sudden feeling of nostalgia or longing for someone or something temporarily builds up inside.

It can also be a place, an event, a travel, a birthday party. Or anything! Whatever it is, it’s just floating around in the memory bank for a short while, and then it disappears again.

In a similar way, thoughts have popped forward in my mind about what has happened lately. What enhancements I have developed during the last… months? Maybe during the last two years, but especially – I believe – since this summer.

I’m longing for – and see myself in my mind – writing, taking photos, making images… I see myself sitting at my desk in the new apartment, not only blogging but creating novels, short stories. Finally! My longing for my former writing-life to reappear seems to be manifested soon now!

Just the other day, while driving my grandson to work, somehow the topic “writing” arouse. I don’t remember why or how. But suddenly I found myself shortly telling him about the main lines of one story, and some of the characters. Simultaneously, I got this wonderful feeling, a kind of happiness without words. I wanted to start writing on that story again. I wanted it so much I could hardly breathe for a short moment. Not literally, of course, I didn’t actually stop breathing.

But the feeling!!!

Yes! Next weekend will for certain be a different time, a different life. I don’t even have to close my eyes, to see myself sitting in front of the desk, writing. And that’s not the only thing I want to do, which I don’t do much of now, but will be doing then. I’m so looking forward to it all!



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Living on the couch

When a couple of days ago I realized the move is due next week, it suddenly felt so close. I mean, if you say “in 10 days” or “in 12 days” or even “in 8 days” contra “next week”, it sure does feel closer with “next week”, doesn’t it? More urgent, somehow. More “now, let’s go on with it”! – So I go on.

  • Packing – can’t do much more of that until the day before. Just minimize the clutter.
  • Cleaning – an ongoing project. Done some, doing more, little by little.

First, already some weeks ago, I cleaned the wardrobes. Now I use them as storage for moving boxes.
Later on, I cleaned the upper cupboards in the kitchen.
This Monday I cleaned the windows in the bathroom and the kitchen. Not a big deal, since those windows aren’t particularly big. The bathroom window is actually quite small.

On the other hand, the windows in the room which I cleaned yesterday, happened to be quite a big deal. Old building with old windows. Stiff and stubborn to get opened so I could clean in between. They are luckily facing the patio, so I could stand outside and not bother about dripping water – but it was cold.

To make a long story short: I was really glad when this was done, and I could go inside laying down on the couch for a while, put an extra wool-cardigan on, the heating pad underneath me, and the warmest blanket covering me. Then, when the worst chills were gone, I made myself a bowl of warm, thick soup. Kitchari, by the way. It’s a kind of rice-lentil-curry course. I love it!

But still! It feels good to have this part done!

Today it’s raining and blowing very intensely. I had in mind to go to the gym. Haven’t been there for about three weeks due to a very persistent could which also have tampered with my stomach. Not extremely ill, not necessarily bedridden, and I could manage to fulfill my obligations, but it for sure held me down a lot. On the couch.
(What’s the difference between a couch and a sofa, by the way?)

Okay! So it’s a hell of a weather today, and I didn’t go to the gym! I don’t have any obligations to perform either, not until Monday afternoon. So I can stay here, peacefully, on the couch. With the warming pad beneath, a thick woolly cardigan and the warmest blanket on, ’cause his is a COLD apartment, and it certainly doesn’t get better with a storm grazing outdoors!

Oh! It isn’t actually a storm. Yet! It’s “only” blowing 18-20 m/s. A storm is due at, at least, 24 m/s. Nevertheless, the weather forecast has put on a Class 1 warning. The storm Diana is approaching from the British Islands and could give gust at no less than 30 m/s. And now it’s striking our west-coast. And there I live.

Lucky me, though! I don’t have to go or bike anywhere. I can stay here, warm and comfortable on the couch, under the blanket, catching up on some blogging, writing… perhaps even reading. Taking a nap after lunch…

Life is wonderful! Isn’t it?





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Greetings from the Couch

What I’m waiting and longing for, is to open this entrance door with my own key. Then, step up two floors to open the door to my new apartment. Also with a key of my own.

But soon, I’ll be there. It’s not even two weeks left to go. It’s amazing how time flies! Just recently it was summer, and I added up to the queue, wanting one of these apartments. And, now! I’m there. Not physically – yet – but in my mind and soul.

No, I’m not entering NaNoWriMo this year. Either. Actually… I’ve never done that. Once, though, I agreed to blog everyday instead. November. Thirty days. Only one tiny post a day was required and it could be anything at all! I thought that would be as easy as munching on peanuts… NOPE! It wasn’t!

About the blog and WP:
It’s still not prioritized. Inside my head, there are almost only thoughts about the move. And when not – I watch Babylon5 or some movie. Yesterday I watched “Cloud Atlas”, one of my favorites. Simultaneously I knitted a sock. A warm, woolly one. I didn’t get it finished, but there’s another evening coming later today. And then I have to make sock number two, to get a pair. And warm feet…

I also do a lot of coloring, solitaires and jigsaw puzzles. Always on the iPad. Solitaires mostly on the MacBookPro, so I won’t have to wait for all those commercials between games. Funny, what odd things you can think about and do, when you can’t think. If you catch my drift here.

However, somehow I felt like making the blog a bit Christmas-ish. With a red background and such. But a totally red background on “GEMA” was simply too much. I “borrowed” a more traditional type of theme for the time being, and hope that WP will launch that snowing this year as well. (Blockage = lot’s of nonsense-thoughts)

I’ve also started a new account on Instagram. The same name as this blog. Thêa by Me. @theabyme. You’re very welcome to visit, like and follow – and I’ll follow you. Have managed to add some photos, found some others to follow, and have even got a couple of followers already! Whadyuonow… (does anyone have a spelling lexicon for these kinds of expressions?)

Yeah! I’m bone idle at the moment and that´s okay.
Though, next week I’ll start cleaning this apartment. Little by little.

Now, I’m gonna take a nap…