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Oh, what a day!

Four weeks remains to go, and today I went to my apartment to be! All us new inhabitants to one of the new-built apartments in this new-built house, were invited to look around and get some proper information about this and that.

Since I’ve lived in one or another of this company’s buildings on several different periods since 1974, and currently live in another one of their housing areas, I already knew most of what was said and shown.

But wow! A huge AWE, for several of the modern pieces of equipment!

Like lots and lots of outlet sockets, and no less then six outlets for Internet uses. And this is just a one-room apartment! Big to be a one-room, 48 square meters (516,7 sq ft says the online converter), but still only a one-room!

There is also a small cabinet in the wall in the hallway, where all the electrical and net-cable devices are placed. With room for the router!
Ergo! No electrical cords on the floor. aka no “snake-nests”
It’ so great!!!

What else?
The apartment is white and bright, open and airy!
Enough space in the kitchen, with cupboards, pantry and working areas. I can cook and bake now, with no restriction due to the lack of space!


There are room for both washer and dryer in the bathroom, which also has a bench, and cupboards above. And of course a shower corner…

And there is a rather big, wonderful balcony, facing west. (On the photo – facing north-west)

It’s warm! Very well insulated windows and walls, so no cold wind can force itself in, and which also shuts noises out.
I won’t freeze this winter… 😀

This is like heaven for me, and I so much long for December 7th.

* Can I get some help here, please?
I had some trouble finding the name for those electrical gadgets… hmmm… outlet… output sockets…. power sockets… WHAT?

There are lots of them anyhow, One of them designed especially for the microwave oven…
Only in the kitchen area, there are TEN of them, including the one for the micro oven! It’s fantastic!
😀 😀 😀