Wouldn’t mind July!

Was just browsing my images, and found most of them quite boring. But the image from warm July woke up longings for next summer, with long, bright, sunny days. Biking tours. Walking in the parks. Having coffee at cafeterias, sitting under a parasol.

Haven’t been in any of the parks or museums for quite some time now. Not much walking among trees and bushes. Especially not green, flourishing ones. But today it was sunny enough, to sit on the patio for an hour. Or two. Didn’t check the time.

Hot, sunny July! First, however, there will be some kind of winter. Hoping for no snow and definitely no slippery ice. (It’s allowed to hope!) And before that, in 21 days only, on that Friday evening, I’ll sit in my new apartment. Tired, but very happy.


(I suddenly remembered, I have to go and see the Lee Miller exhibition in the Main City Museum. Wouldn’t want to miss that.)

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