Not every “handicap” needs a wheel chair

I got reminded of something I already know. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? How can anyone be reminded of a known thing? Well, I can! And sometimes I need to be.

I’m gifted with the attributes of ADHD. I say that, instead of “being diagnosed with”, since there are a lot of good sides in this as well. Like high intelligence, creativity, fantasy/imagination, and the ability to work hard and intensely.

This, can go too far, and turn into fatigue and depression, if we don’t know ourselves and can handle it. We get so caught up in what we are doing, so we don’t see the need for rest and recreation. The more interesting we find our task, the greater the risk of overdoing. (But it is SO fun!)

We are also usually very loving and caring persons, and enjoy socializing. But we are also very sensitive to stress, though we can show it in very different, and personal, ways. The common knowledge among “normal” people is that we with ADHD are violent and disturbing, often alcoholics or drug addicts of other kinds.

But that is not the whole truth! And certainly not the latter!
Yes! There are those who fight and break things. Furniture for example. That’s one way of handling stress and frustration.
Yes! There are those who turn to drugs. That’s another way of handling oneself as the anxiety arouses when stressed.

But many, especially among girls and woman, are silent and turn themselves inwards. No acting out, or at least rarely, and as thus, do not appear to be ADHD. Because there are no visible signs. We get the diagnosis “Fibromyalgia” instead. Or something else.

The main common inner characteristic is the sensitiveness to stress. Then how that stress is expressed, is different from person to person. Some fight, or hit a door to pieces… or the computer… or smashes the phone in the wall. Others get drunk – and maybe hit someone – if provoked.

There are alcoholics, workaholics, shopaholics, chocolateoholics… maybe even readaholics? Those people aren’t necessarily ADHD! Don’t blame us for all and everything!

Others are quiet and instead of acting out anything, they go inwards with the stress, and might get one of these fatigue syndromes, and/or different kinds of muscle pain. I should guess, any kind of illness can be induced by constantly repressing stress. And by this, I guess I also say that being an introvert ADHD, very well can lead to beating up yourself.

Which actually is much worse than beating a door to pieces. But the latter frightens people and make them think all ADHD are inclined to violence towards other people, and always destroy things. Which – as I just pointed out – is not true.

The bottom line here is, normally no ADHD-person is inclined to violence towards any other person. Especially not for just for the mere sake of it. We are not “sick”! We don’t have a twisted mind. We are not psychotic. We are not more inclined to be a murderer, pedophile or anything else nasty, then anyone else. We just have more of some of the characteristics that we all have!

If an ADHD-person gets in his or her right place, he och she can make wonders and has absolutely no problems with their ADHD. On the contrary! They benefit hugely from the capability it gives them.

I sometimes say it must have been an ADHD who invented the wheel. He, or she, wanted to move along faster.

And it was surely some reckless person – an ADHD? or maybe a fearless psychotic? – who led the tribe along the steep path in search for the new cave to live in. And found a paradise! (sort of)

Below are some well-known persons who thanks to their abilities, including ADHD, have been very successful.

  • Pablo Picasso
    Magic Johnson
    Will Smith
    Dustin Hoffman
    Robin Williams
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Whoopie Goldberg
    Benjamin Franklin
    Albert Einstein
    John F. Kennedy
    Walt Disney
    Winston Churchill
    Michael Phelps
    Ty Pennington
    Tom Cruise
    Hans Christian Andersen
    Agatha Christie
    Sylvester Stallone
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Salvador Dali
    Vincent van Gogh

And I have absolutely no idea why I wrote this about ADHD today…
after the first few sentences, it all went in a quite different
direction than I had in mind to shove it.