Living on the couch

When a couple of days ago I realized the move is due next week, it suddenly felt so close. I mean, if you say “in 10 days” or “in 12 days” or even “in 8 days” contra “next week”, it sure does feel closer with “next week”, doesn’t it? More urgent, somehow. More “now, let’s go on with it”! – So I go on.

  • Packing – can’t do much more of that until the day before. Just minimize the clutter.
  • Cleaning – an ongoing project. Done some, doing more, little by little.

First, already some weeks ago, I cleaned the wardrobes. Now I use them as storage for moving boxes.
Later on, I cleaned the upper cupboards in the kitchen.
This Monday I cleaned the windows in the bathroom and the kitchen. Not a big deal, since those windows aren’t particularly big. The bathroom window is actually quite small.

On the other hand, the windows in the room which I cleaned yesterday, happened to be quite a big deal. Old building with old windows. Stiff and stubborn to get opened so I could clean in between. They are luckily facing the patio, so I could stand outside and not bother about dripping water – but it was cold.

To make a long story short: I was really glad when this was done, and I could go inside laying down on the couch for a while, put an extra wool-cardigan on, the heating pad underneath me, and the warmest blanket covering me. Then, when the worst chills were gone, I made myself a bowl of warm, thick soup. Kitchari, by the way. It’s a kind of rice-lentil-curry course. I love it!

But still! It feels good to have this part done!

Today it’s raining and blowing very intensely. I had in mind to go to the gym. Haven’t been there for about three weeks due to a very persistent could which also have tampered with my stomach. Not extremely ill, not necessarily bedridden, and I could manage to fulfill my obligations, but it for sure held me down a lot. On the couch.
(What’s the difference between a couch and a sofa, by the way?)

Okay! So it’s a hell of a weather today, and I didn’t go to the gym! I don’t have any obligations to perform either, not until Monday afternoon. So I can stay here, peacefully, on the couch. With the warming pad beneath, a thick woolly cardigan and the warmest blanket on, ’cause his is a COLD apartment, and it certainly doesn’t get better with a storm grazing outdoors!

Oh! It isn’t actually a storm. Yet! It’s “only” blowing 18-20 m/s. A storm is due at, at least, 24 m/s. Nevertheless, the weather forecast has put on a Class 1 warning. The storm Diana is approaching from the British Islands and could give gust at no less than 30 m/s. And now it’s striking our west-coast. And there I live.

Lucky me, though! I don’t have to go or bike anywhere. I can stay here, warm and comfortable on the couch, under the blanket, catching up on some blogging, writing… perhaps even reading. Taking a nap after lunch…

Life is wonderful! Isn’t it?