Moving along

What I do, when I don’t do what I ought to do? First of all – I skip the “ought to do”. And move along.

Of course, I can do that on the couch! You don’t have to be physically active to move along! Although life acquires some physical activity as well. In different ways. And quite a lot, actually. But that’s another kind of physical activity. Walking, biking, working out, running… whatever!

My “working out” now, is mostly inside of me. Some as subtle as a sudden memory. Not for long, no pondering or deeper reflections. More like when you browse through a pack of photos, glance at each for a second or two, and then put it aside. You may think, “Oh, that was him! What was his name now again?” or “Oh! She! She was nice.” And a sudden feeling of nostalgia or longing for someone or something temporarily builds up inside.

It can also be a place, an event, a travel, a birthday party. Or anything! Whatever it is, it’s just floating around in the memory bank for a short while, and then it disappears again.

In a similar way, thoughts have popped forward in my mind about what has happened lately. What enhancements I have developed during the last… months? Maybe during the last two years, but especially – I believe – since this summer.

I’m longing for – and see myself in my mind – writing, taking photos, making images… I see myself sitting at my desk in the new apartment, not only blogging but creating novels, short stories. Finally! My longing for my former writing-life to reappear seems to be manifested soon now!

Just the other day, while driving my grandson to work, somehow the topic “writing” arouse. I don’t remember why or how. But suddenly I found myself shortly telling him about the main lines of one story, and some of the characters. Simultaneously, I got this wonderful feeling, a kind of happiness without words. I wanted to start writing on that story again. I wanted it so much I could hardly breathe for a short moment. Not literally, of course, I didn’t actually stop breathing.

But the feeling!!!

Yes! Next weekend will for certain be a different time, a different life. I don’t even have to close my eyes, to see myself sitting in front of the desk, writing. And that’s not the only thing I want to do, which I don’t do much of now, but will be doing then. I’m so looking forward to it all!