Goodness gracious me!

I did it! And survived!

Not literally in any real danger though! Oh no! But if the move didn’t take a lot of strength on me, so did the cleaning afterward. Can only say I’m grateful I did what I did before the actual move this Friday. I was really tired that afternoon and evening. But also very happy and satisfied.

Bye, bye the old!

Saturday I walked back to the old apartment to fetch my bike. There ware also some smaller items, besides the cleaning utilities, that I packed on the bike. Amazing how much that was after all! Not to burden my bike with my weight as well, I walked home with the bike. Not far at all. Only 1,3 kilometers in each direction.

The rest of the day I spent in bed on a warming pad. Well not the entire day, later in the afternoon I did unpack some of the boxes. But on the whole, Saturday was a very restful and sleepy day. And I ached all over.

Sunday was the second day. Every time I do more of some physical activity than I’m used to, the second day is the worst. Muscle pain, stiffness… I guess you know about that.

Monday, Tuesday and today I’ve been cleaning. And all of this has really been an achievement. Doing this with a fibromyalgia diagnosis IS an achievement, and I’m proud of myself finishing it off!  Some cleaning, though, I did during the two weeks before the move, did little by little what I could do in beforehand. Then the remaining “curse”  during these three last days. (It was quite an awful task, actually… wanted to just leave and don’t bother.)
I think the hands are the most pain-ridden part of me now, even though the lower back and below, really needed the warming pad when I finally got home. Also needed a long nap.

Temporary “curtains” in the bed-compartment behind the book-shelf

Now, Wednesday evening, I feel very relieved and relaxed! This whole thing is almost, entirely over! Friday morning at 10 AM there will be the inspection of the old flat, and I’ll hand over the keys to the next renter. Then I’ll probably never even think of that flat again. Well, maybe. But never deeply.

I really do prefer the British word “flat” instead of “apartment”. It’s shorter…
But I guess Grammarly will protest! Though… I couldn’t care less about that.

Now then! What happens next?
Well! Next Thursday, in a week, my new sofa and coffee-table will be delivered. Tomorrow I’m supposed to have the car all day, so I’ll take the opportunity to get to Ikea by car, to buy some curtains and curtain rails. Now when the old flat is fixed and gone, I can spend time making this flat a wonderful place of my own.

Oh! Of course! It is already wonderful! I love it and feel very comfortable! here! Even before sofa, coffee-table and curtains.

Hello, the New!

Oooops! Grammarly didn’t mind “flat” after all, and did not complain about commas, neither missing nor at the wrong place… hm… 😉