Finally a green day

There is a piece of paper here somewhere, which upon I wrote a list of things to do. I can’t find it. But there are things I remember to do anyway, with no need for a list. At least I thought so. Like shopping…


Yesterday evening, the dullest fridge ever…

An old, lonely carrot, two small potatoes, two sad parsnips, half an eggplant, some fried leftover falafels, a pack of dates… Not much more.

Had two bananas as well, but I never put bananas in the fridge.


Today after breakfast and some shopping for necessities…

Much better, isn’t it? And yet I forgot a whole bunch of greens. Like potatoes, squash, sweet potato, maybe cauliflower?… some other fruit?

Added to that, this store is really good. Lots of fresh greens every day, and at a reasonable cost. They have some soy products, but not soy cream, nor the kind of oat milk or soy milk I prefer.

So I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere to do some more shopping soon. And then. don’t forget the remaining groceries I also need.

Today’s lunch then, was a couple of eggs mixed and fried with sliced mushrooms, onion and a clove of garlic. Added also three spoonfuls of polenta, to something more or less like an omelet-pancake. Eaten with hastily hot-pan fried broccoli, plum tomatoes and slices of sweet red pepper.

Oh, it tasted really good with a proper meal again. But at that time of day, I was so hungry I forgot about the fresh mixed salad greens I also had bought.