Finally a green day

There is a piece of paper here somewhere, which upon I wrote a list of things to do. I can’t find it. But there are things I remember to do anyway, with no need for a list. At least I thought so. Like shopping…


Yesterday evening, the dullest fridge ever…

An old, lonely carrot, two small potatoes, two sad parsnips, half an eggplant, some fried leftover falafels, a pack of dates… Not much more.

Had two bananas as well, but I never put bananas in the fridge.


Today after breakfast and some shopping for necessities…

Much better, isn’t it? And yet I forgot a whole bunch of greens. Like potatoes, squash, sweet potato, maybe cauliflower?… some other fruit?

Added to that, this store is really good. Lots of fresh greens every day, and at a reasonable cost. They have some soy products, but not soy cream, nor the kind of oat milk or soy milk I prefer.

So I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere to do some more shopping soon. And then. don’t forget the remaining groceries I also need.

Today’s lunch then, was a couple of eggs mixed and fried with sliced mushrooms, onion and a clove of garlic. Added also three spoonfuls of polenta, to something more or less like an omelet-pancake. Eaten with hastily hot-pan fried broccoli, plum tomatoes and slices of sweet red pepper.

Oh, it tasted really good with a proper meal again. But at that time of day, I was so hungry I forgot about the fresh mixed salad greens I also had bought.


13 thoughts on “Finally a green day

  1. Great meal 🙂 what’s wrong with bananas in the fridge? I keep them there (one Spanish girl taught me) bcz then they are always fresh INSIDE 🙂 even if black on outside.


    1. I just don’t like them cold! 😝
      Not any cold fruit really, but some are more or less necessary to keep cold to stay fresh longer.
      And said that – I wouldn’t need to put the kaki in the fridge since I love to eat them. But they looked good in there on the photo. 😂🥴

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      1. Ok, I understand then 🙂 but this is the best way for bananas to stay fresh tho…u don’t need to eat them straight from the fridge lol u can take them out in the morning to eat day time 🙂


      2. Okay! Luckily we’re different. I still don’t like bananas in the fridge, and I don’t want to plan in beforehand when to eat one.
        I also know it’s different from person to person, when the banana is ripe enough to eat. I want them dotty on the outside, and I more often have to wait for them to be that ripe, instead of the contrary. And if – a really ripe banana is excellent to add in a cake and bake. Or in a smoothie. 😀

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      3. The thing is that green bananas r healthier:) I never buying ripe. But it’s true – we r all different & I don’t like to plan as well…I just eat them with hot tea & honey 😂😂


      4. So some are saying. I don’t agree. And I definitely won’t eat green bananas.

        There are also some that says honey are just sugar and as such dangerous to eat. I don’t agree with that either.
        But I avoid white sugar.


      5. Green bananas may provide some additional nutrients and benefits that yellow bananas do not. They’re rich in resistant starch and pectin, which are filling, improve digestive health and help lower blood sugar levels. However, some people find that green bananas have a bitter taste and bad texture.
        From google 🙂


    1. It’s a long time since I made frittata. Gotta buy potatoes and make that some day soon.
      But polenta with eggs- or preferably the more ruffly ground corn flour, not the pale powdery one – can be very delicious. Perhaps first fry chopped onion, garlic, mushroom with smaller pieces of bacon or salami, then pour over a mix of eggs, corn flower, some liquid and spices of your liking. Then fry as you described about the frittata.
      You have to test the amounts a bit, but 2-3 eggs depending on the size, 1/3-1/2 dl flour and circa 1 dl water or other liquid can be quite sufficient. Cheese within tastes good, if you eat cheese. I don’t.


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