I was thinking that nothing ever happens in my life! Nothing but the most ordinary. I must be the dullest person imaginable. How on earth will I be able to blog! What do I have to write about?


Nothing spectacular. I’m not traveling, other than to the neighborly city with my grandson. To and fro. Most weekdays. That’s nice! I like that! He’s a wonderful young man!

Drove my eldest daughter to the same city. To the hospital for a gallbladder operation. That was Tuesday morning, and I drove her home Wednesday afternoon. And I had no trouble with her ongoing self-pity… I couldn’t care less, actually, she’s always like that. Dwelling in negativity. Emotionally manipulating. And I don’t respond to such behavior any longer. Thank goodness!

Mixing all this driving hither and dither like a… a… taxi driver? (But with no income connected to it. Though I can use the car meanwhile…)
Well! The whole thing is kind of cool!

I haven’t written any novel nor even a short story. Not been taking photos – well, almost not – nor coloring anything. Not lately…
Haven’t suddenly become famous for something, nor have won any lottery. Just done very ordinary…  very common… just… things!  All the time.

BUT! I’ve begun to read again! Chose “The Vampire Lestat” by Anne Rice. She’s one of my favorite authors and I enjoy the reading very much.
And I began to go to the Gym again today, haven’t been there for like 6 weeks or so. That felt really good. Then biked to Ikea and bought curtains to the two remaining windows.
Felt really good to bike.

I love my flat, my life, my “not-doing anything-particular”
Yet I do something…
Every day… almost.

Just nothing spectacular…
But – I don’t mind!

And today came the sofa and the coffee table. IKEA. Typically. Do It Yourself.
Doing this myself – that’s spectacular!

Twelve pieces for the sofa, one for the table…

So far I’ve assembled the coffee table. Always something…
Now I’m blogging and soon I’ll be eating some kind of omelet.
I thought I would go vegan…

I didn’t think it would be this big…

And I’ve promised myself not to bother about the past any longer. Not even talk, write or think about the move… I’m here now.

And I really do love it!