Been working…

At least the sofa is in one piece now, not twelve! It took me some time to assemble it, but I’m quite proud of doing it all by myself.

Some time after I had begun doing this, I realized I probably had bought a way too big sofa. Talk about being limited in where to place it! After all, my flat is a small one. Though it is a fairly big small flat. (If you didn’t get this at once, don’t bother to figure it out. It isn’t that important.)

Now there is a lot of plastic and cardboard wrapping all around here, which I have to carry to the garbage room. But not now. Now, I’m really tired and it’s already dark outside. The shortest and darkest day of the year. Tomorrow, I read somewhere, there will be a full moon. (Everywhere around the globe?)

Though I guess it will still be cloudy tomorrow… anyway…

Actually! The walls in my flat aren’t yellow at all. But due to the oncoming dusk, the photo-walls became a bit yellowish. But instead of trying to make them look whiter, I enhanced the yellow with a lens-flair filter and added a bit of glitter as well. After all! In only a couple of days, Christmas Eve is here.

4 thoughts on “Been working…

    1. Thanks Judy! I admit I got a bit anxious there for a while, when I realized how big and heavy it actually is. But it’s also very comfy and I fell in “love” with it almost immediately, so I don’t regret buying it.


    1. Thanks Chris! 😀
      As a matter of fact, when I saw my edited photo I thought: “Maybe I should paint my walls yellow”. But since my flat literally IS only one room, it would probably be too much.
      By the way! Before I got out of my bed this morning, I read your story about the young arsonist. It is really good! And I also really enjoy reading such well-written stories like yours.


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