Kitty sitter

Hello World! Soon, very soon, we’ll have a new year with new opportunities, and new possibilities! It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Me, for example, am now being kitty sitter for a couple of weeks. My youngest daughter and her family will spend some time in Spain, and there celebrate the new year with her parents in Law.

She’s adorable! The kitty I mean. (As well as my Daughter.) Her name is Hopi and she is a Devon Rex. Quite petite, and not quite typical for a Devon Rex cat. (And still a bit overweight.)

She has never been here in my flat before, and it was quite a funny sight when she crawled out of her traveling-box and held a reeeeally low profile – and soon found my bed under where she found a safe place for the time being.

Though soon enough she was lured out of that dark corner and started to investigate my flat. It was quite fun to see her, elegantly tripping around with her big eyes, ears pointing upwards and the tip of the straight-up tail gently moving back and forth. And she was inspecting everything, everywhere!

DaughterL stayed the night to make her feel comfortable, left today after breakfast, and now it seems that Hopi finds herself quite like at home. And hopefully, tonight she will spend the night on the sofa instead of under the bed.