Funny me

Perhaps not “ha-ha” funny. More like odd-funny. Or something. Can be quite irritating sometimes. Like, for example, when I’ve lots and lots of ideas in my head of what to write. I shall write about this… and that… and those… and hither… and dither… and …

Suddenly! All ideas go berserk, crash into each other and nothing at all comes out of the whole… thingy! Except for some kind of more or less catastrophic but minor outbursts of NOTHING! and I find myself sitting quietly with something really really unuseful. Like a solitaire or some childish play on the iPad. To where I – TYPICALLY – just the other day downloaded something called Two dots. (It’s quite fun, though! Unnecessary, but fun.)

And the hours pass by.

I could have written a blog post – or ten.
I could have uncluttered my photo library.
I could have done some kind of work-out here, behind the sofa- dancing or such.
That is fun, you know!
I could have vacuumed the flat!!!!
I could have read something interesting
… and knowledgeable!
I could have watched a documentary or a TED talk!

I could have read something likeable and thrilling!!!

But! But! Nope… Nothing… Nada…

Oh, I did bike to the gym after breakfast
And I do cuddle the Kitty-cat! Several times a day!

I did collect the package with the active-carbon filters to the air cleaner. Finally I had succeeded to find an online store where I could buy the type I needed. And I of course also reassembled the air-cleaner and pushed the on-button.

There is clean air here. No reaction what-so-ever from the cleaner other than the first couple of minutes. Just a vague murmuring, and those blue light-dots on the panel.

I did the dishes, fed the cat, fed myself, had some chocolate, watched “Bad Santa” – and a Pedro Almodovar-movie called “What have I done to deserve this”.
I picked up and then drove my grandson to the neighborly city in the afternoon, made an apple cake when I came back home again, and then I tried to get the Kindle app going…


To download it from App store was easy, but then it gave me quite an amount of new gray hairs. After that, I was just sitting there, in the sofa, talking to the cat, playing the same solitaire over and over, listening to “The Voice”, eating peanuts…

I did tell you I have ADHD, didn’t I?

P.S. I just have to take care of the litter tray now…