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Flirting with veganism

I can’t say I all my life have had preferences towards veganism or even vegetarianism. As little and as a teenager, I ate what was served, either it was pancakes or some meat stew. At 13 or 14 something, we had Biology at school and I realized I was very interested in how the body functions. So interested, in fact, that I never had to do any homework. All knowledge we were given hooked on in my brain already on the preparing lessons. I just checked if there were any numbers I had to remember.

This didn’t make me a vegetarian, but it was the beginning of my huge interest in body functions, health and how food impinges upon our health. And it was in the early eighties this interest began to grow in me. So between periods of vegetarian eating, studying anatomy and physiology and the digestion and nutrition processes, and many periods of “ordinary life”, aka eating meat, eggs etc. I more and more turned into vegan thinking.

It’s never too late
for a new beginning
in your life

Eventually, due to time and testing, trying, learning, I am where I am now. Considering going vegan.

At this very moment, I consider myself being circa 80-90% vegan. Mostly eating meat, chicken and such when I don’t have any other option – or when I’m attending a party of some sort. Like on Christmas day. Today, now at this very moment, I have one egg in an apple-cake in making, and one left in the fridge. Those two, I’ve decided, will be my last eggs. I also have some butter left, and after lots of thinking, I decided to keep the butter for the time being. But try to lessen the amount I use.

And that’s all the animal products I now have available!

So, starting at Jan 15th, I’ve decided to at first give this a month trial. Just vegan + some butter. I’ll try to learn more cooking.

This time, I think I’ll cope without eggs, which would be terrific.

It will be a bit of a challenge, but somehow I’ll cope. It’s the rest of the old habits I’ll have to overcome, but also how to deal with the fact I can’t eat wheat, rye or even oats.

Why 15th and not today? Well, I do have one egg left – and the 15th is also my birthday… 😀