Vegan – the first few days

Today is day four, and I can’t say I have any big issues with the vegan quest. Not so far, anyway. But, of course, it has only been three days! And breakfasts are never any problem!

Being without meat, any kind, isn’t difficult since I have been eating so little of it and so rarely earlier. Mostly those meals with for example chicken, has been eaten when I’ve been somewhere else where dinner was served. Like Christmas day. That was the last time I had chicken. Fish – ages ago. Red meat, beef and such – don’t remember. Pork – I admit I once in a while have bought some sausages when visiting Ikea, but that’s not often. Visiting Ikea is – but not eating sausages there.

My Achilles heel is bacon, that’s what I usually long for when been eating vegetarian for some time. This Swedish bacon, really thinly sliced, salty and slightly smoked, fried until crispy. Mjummy!!! Also cut in pieces in a soup or some casserole. Earlier I could also long for grilled chicken, but not so much any longer. It’s actually only the salty crunchy I long for!

Yesterday evening I had spaghetti with garlic, green peas, and the last butter. At lunch, I wished I had had some eggs, mostly because I was in a hurry between two events, but I managed. So, what I mainly have to deal with from now on, are – eggs and butter and my occasional café au lait. Which I knew about already when I began this quest.

These restrictions pop up very clearly now, since tomorrow, Saturday, my daughter and her family is coming to fetch Hopi. Hopi the cat! And since I had my birthday just the other day, I also promised them lunch, and a cake for the coffee afterward.

Oh! My goodness!

Lunch is no problem! I have a package of minced “meat” (soya), so I can make Spaghetti Bolognese. But the cake! With neither eggs nor butter!? I know there are lots of recipes on the internet, but lots of them have other restrictions for me. Like wheat flour… oats…

A small problem, probably, but old habits are the hardest to change. I will manage though! Somehow!