Yesterday I bought minced beef, eggs and butter… and made myself a burger for dinner…
So now what?

Did I fail on my quest?

I re-decided.

Not completely! I just felt too restricted. And I decide on my own, don’t I? What to eat or not to eat.

Eight days without eggs and butter. That’s all. Everything else was about the same. I really rarely eat meat of any kind. Beef, pork, chicken, fish. I would say I’m already 80-90 % vegan. So why should stop eating eggs and butter for eight days be so hard? What’s the difference?

The Forbidding.
The “you must not”.
The “you’re not allowed”!

What I wanted with this, was to see if being without eggs would make my stomach issues better. It didn’t. And I’ve tested this before. Once again, it doesn’t seem that eggs have anything to do with that.

And added to that – I think vegan eating is a much better choice. Not only for the health but for the environment and  the survival of our entire earth. If I could put together my thoughts and find the proper words for what I want to say, I could write a long, long post about what the present “meat production” does to us and our world. Won’t be fun reading!

I’ll try to do that one, another time. And by the way! We certainly don’t need that huge amount of meat most people think we do. We are brainwashed! (I’m not, though.)

Now back to a more personal look at this! I wrote the word “restricted” up there, somewhere. Yes! I am restricted when it comes to food. And I don’t talk about eight days without eggs and butter now. From a larger view, I can’t eat dairy products. It makes me ill. Still, I cheat sometimes, mostly by buying myself a caffe latte. I don’t feel sick it if it’s only once in a while. But daily – no! Cheese, yogurt, milk on a daily basis, literally makes me ill. Bedridden actually, in just a couple of weeks. No energy left, headache, nausea, extreme fatigue… (I tried LCHF for about a month a couple of years ago. It didn’t go well.)

Since the protein is my main problem, not the lactose so much, it gets worse if I eat cheese. So that’s totally out of the question. Cream can work in small doses, maybe in a sauce or something. And – as with any dairy product – only if I haven’t got any other choice of what to eat. I never buy and take home any dairy products myself, though.

What affects the vegan trial hugely, is that I can’t eat wheat, rye or oats. Those are a big NO-NO. Stomach ache, we talk about stomach ache and nausea! It’s really a pity, I could have gotten lots of food at a relatively low cost. And oats seems to be about everywhere, nowadays!

Lots of what I can see on vegan accounts on Instagram, are fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds etc, that I either can’t find here or they are more or less expensive. Exotic, delicious – and expensive. And all these “super-foods” and…. and…

No! Stop! I could keep on whining here about what I can’t eat, but I won’t. Would just be boring. Let’s just say – I’m restricted! A lot! So why restrict me even more?

By allowing myself to eat meat, eggs, butter and whatever more it might be, I give myself more freedom of choice. That’s all! It does not mean I’ll begin eating meat, eggs etc every day! I haven’t done that in ages, so I won’t start now.

And I’ll keep on eating more and more of plant-based, whole-grain food, and not chose animal products as first hand

This is what I’m gonna do!

  • First of all – totally skip all dairy products, not giving in for that temptation!
  • That includes of course the temptation I fall for the most – to buy a caffee latte, which means I can’t buy one at the gas station any longer… (best so – the milk is probably what is causing my current stomach trouble)
  • Learn more about vegan cooking.
  • Keep focusing mainly on the plant based, whole-grain way of eating.
  • Never again buy processed food. Not even bacon… (my weakness)
  • Chose organic products, as much as possible.
  • Buy what is produced locally as much as possible.
  • Buy only organic bananas… and not the green ones… 😉

But I will eat chicken once in a while if I feel like it!
And bake me a cake on an egg.
At least for the time being.

As I yesterday choose to buy some organic butter, a couple of eggs, and a small tray of minced beef which came from some farm nearby, ground and packed in the store’s facilities.

And there is so much more I could write about nutrition and health...
And about how meat is "produced" - especially in the US as it seems..

14 thoughts on “Vegan, the Trial

    1. Thanks! I found your comment in the spam-box, by the way. Lucky I found it. I many times forget to check there. Mostly stupid spam only. 😉
      Vegan is both appealing and too restricted, I think. Can find lots of good recipes. Agree with you about eggs. Can be without meat for weeks without any problem, but being without eggs! – that’s a hard shell to crack.

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      1. I also doesn’t check spam regularly:) guilty. Agreed about vegan. I often prepare vegan dishes, but still love my eggs 🥚…when I was a child we ate them raw.


      2. The yolk is the yummy-est part 😂 it’s all about the habit… when I was little I always ate them raw (my dad did that & he taught me too, it was fun 😂). I don’t eat raw eggs that often nowadays tho, I simply don’t trust the quality.
        Also I feel uncomfortable sometimes after eating eggs – all depends on the company (product) I guess.


      3. That’s the problem I think. Unless we crop our own fruit and veggies, have a couple of hens, and so on, we can’t know what we’re actually eating. Organic? Supposed to be better, and probably are. But can we be sure? We can just do as good we can, try to buy the bests products. And I never buy cheap garlic from China any more. Garlic has to be organic.

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      4. I’m sure they are.
        I’ll try to find some.
        Remember from earlier where one could buy eggs, honey, fruit etc. But are those still there? After 15-20 years something? And I mean – with not only apples and strawberries.

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  1. I did the vegan thing for about a year once. And going back to eating a less restrictive diet is a decision I’ve never regretted. (I eat whatever I feel like eating now.) Best of luck in finding the balance that works best for you and makes you happy. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment! Feels good to read that someone has been eating vegan, and then changed back.
      I’ve given this a lot of thoughts, and for a while I felt like a failure that couldn’t stick to it for even a month.
      But – as you write – finding the balance that works best, is where it’s best to be. Just have to make some minor adjustments. Like skipping cows milk … LOL

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      1. Oh, haha! The first food I ate after stopping my vegan diet was goat’s milk cheese. It felt like the best thing I ever ate! But, I was like you, found the diet seemed to be holding me back from certain things I enjoy. Best of luck with it!


      2. OH! Glad you reminded me! It’s said that we who can’t eat cow milk products, may be able to eat goat cheese. I’ve always liked goat cheese, including the brown sort.
        Hopefully I’ll find the original Norwegian one, somewhere around here. Have never found any hard white goat cheese here, but those soft ones can be found in most delicatessen stores. If not, I can always cross the strait to Denmark and buy some there.
        Many years ago I visited Austria, where we bought a whole cheese of the white, hard kind. That must have been the most delicate cheese I’ve ever eaten


  2. Interesting. I’d never attempt a vegan diet for many of the reasons you’ve outlined. However, I am eating less and less meat, especially red meat (but there is that weakness for bacon which I share with you!). I ate no meat at all last week and I felt better than usual. I’m not sure a week is long enough to tell. I have mostly avoided processed food and sugary things for a long time. The exception: 2 squares of good quality dark chocolate. I ought to give up drinking wine, but I live in a wine producing area (local products?). Mmm.


    1. Hi! Good to hear from you. (Well, hear… 😀 ) I Hope all is well!
      I’ve noticed that I feel better when eating beans, veggies, fruit etc, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to go 100% vegan. Being versatile as much as possible in ones food choices are without doubt the best.
      And then I’m sure there is room for some bacon occasionally, as for a glass of wine or two.
      Though I havn’t been drinking any kind of alcohol for several years now. It wasn’t an active choice. It just happened, and now I can’t even think of drinking wine or anything stronger. Maybe perhaps some low-alcohol beer. But I’ve always liked beer better than wine. 😉


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