Reality Check

Literally, today isn’t a gray day. It’s white. And gray. It’s snowing. Snow is considered beautiful, and I agree! A white landscape. Blue sky. Sun shining. Or – why not like this?

But still – I don’t like it at all. Snowy city-streets and biking-lanes make the whole thing of walking and biking so much harder. Especially here, in this part of Sweden, the south.

It snows! It melts. It rains perhaps a bit! It freezes. The surface gets uneven from all footprints and wheel tracks. It gets slippery. Wet ice. It freezes again…

With a bit of luck, this will only remain for a couple of days. But who says we will be lucky?

Now it seems to have stopped snowing. What is it doing instead?
Or is it just a pause?
The snow on the trees has fallen down to the ground. Is it windy outdoors?
Or is the snow melting already?

No! It’s -3 C. Below freezing point is no melting point. *sigh*

Grammarly claims I have monotonous sentences. It’s marked “1”. Which one?
And so what? Is that a crime?

I feel monotonous, so my text mirrors that feeling.
That’s the way I write.
I mirror feelings – though not necessarily my own.