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Time to read

I am reading!

I doooo read!!!
Just not as frequently as I used to.
That’s okay!
I’ll be back into that habit in a jiffy!

As a matter of fact, I was born with a book in my arms!
Have just forgotten which one.

It must have been a bloody one.

This one is bloody! The one I read now. The story of the Vampire Lestat! The author, Anne Rice, is one of my favorites, and she writes so well. I enjoy every word of it

And gosh how creative she is!!!

Thought I had read this one before, but can’t say I recognize anything! Doesn’t matter. In fact, better this way. Starting from the beginning. Having a whole new novel in my hand to explore. Lestat as young, his life, family, his friends, how he became a vampire.

A smile is lurking in the corner of my lips, since I remember parts of what Lestat have to encounter later.

While reading this, and pleasurably sticking my teeth in a piece of apple-cake, I’m looking forward to read that again.