Trial and error! And then try again!

Monday, and time again for spending some time at the library. Painting time. On the whole, it's nice. But today I was almost on my way to go back home again. Since it almost was about: "do as you're told, 'cause that is how things should be done"! For a while, I felt bored and … Continue reading Trial and error! And then try again!

There has to be a nave…

The main character in the novel "A Confederacy of Dunces" is a horrible person! Ignatius Reilly is mean, egoistic, egocentric, lazy, bullying, scornful, harasser, overeating, fat - which per se isn't a crime, but in this case, well contributes to the general picture of this... person. Though he also in some ways seems to be … Continue reading There has to be a nave…

Like a blindfolded fool

Like a blindfolded fool, you don't see what is obvious, right in front of your eyes. Then you get a bit surprised, when you see you actually had acted cleverly, and dated the last writing session. (chapter seven)

Apropos writing

Things are growing on me! One of my friends in my Thursday afternoon group, M, also wants to participate in a writing class. We have been talking about this earlier, and yesterday we brought up the topic again. It doesn't have to be posh or anything! It doesn't even have to have a teacher. What … Continue reading Apropos writing