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I love this movie!

In another lifetime, I must have been there and then…
With all the painters and writers…
inventors and scientists…
musicians and explorers…
Europe, late ninetieth and early twentieth century…

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Oh me too! I know Woody Allen is SO out of favour (but we’ve always known about him) but the film is one of the best. Imagine meeting all those fabulous writers and artists. We must return in our own imaginations…


    • Once I really liked Woody Allen movies. Have seen, if not all so at least most of them. Many are really good, especially among those older ones, but there are also some that are mostly nervously babbling crap. Or straight out boring. At least I think so now, when I’m older! Hehe…
      BUT! He has ALWAYS wonderful music in his movies!


    • What if one could have a ”Salon” where writers, painters and other creative people could gather…
      But that would first of all require an old, huge apartment… 😉


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