Apropos writing

Things are growing on me!

One of my friends in my Thursday afternoon group, M, also wants to participate in a writing class. We have been talking about this earlier, and yesterday we brought up the topic again. It doesn’t have to be posh or anything! It doesn’t even have to have a teacher.

What we want is someplace to be, someplace where we can meet. To write, to talk about writing, help each other, read each other’s texts, express some thoughts about it. Briefly speaking – to pep each other in letting the inspiration grow. I’ve never been writing as much, never having a more blooming fantasy, than during those 6 years I attended writing classes. And I want to do that again. For inspiration and for friendship!

I found nothing of the sort on any of the adult educational facilities in this town. Which is really lousy!!! In this rather big city, not even ONE class for us author wannabes. One can choose to learn a language, even Farsi, Chinese, or Swahili if one wants. One can learn how to cook, or – of course – learn to work on a computer, how to build a homepage or – at my surprise actually – how to use WordPress…

Not. One. Single. Class. For. Enhancing. Writing skills.

On the other hand – we save some money that way!

There might be an opening after all, at this church we attend Thursday afternoons. The Deaconess is trying to be allowed to have an “open house” Tuesday forenoons. If the priest in charge says yes to this, M and I and a couple more if there is interest for it, can squeeze ourselves in behind any free table. So! Let’s hope for that!


Late the evening before yesterday, I suddenly opened Scrivener to see what I might have lying there. And! There was a draft, of a kind of a “Murder mystery” I started working on years ago. I read it through, had written 10 827 words, and it was good! Only a couple of minor things to change, would probably only take a few minutes to refresh…

I got very tempted to continue on this draft, but then there was this question banging around in my head. What would I write? How might this story proceed? What happens after this?

I remember I got stuck at this very spot, had absolutely no idea how to continue. I’ve experienced that before. But at that time I was at the end of the story, and the problem was easily solved by deleting the last paragraphs. Then, there was the end of it!

Is that how I should proceed here as well? By deleting the last 1, 2 or 3 paragraphs? And then restart writing from that point?

That could be a reasonable solution!

Do I want to proceed writing on this “Murder Mystery” (which NOT is a traditional murder mystery)? I have other drafts as well, both more and less voluminous. And not all of them are murder mysteries. So far, as far as I can remember, this is the only one I’ve written that begins with someone finding a dead body…

I seem to be a multi-genre-versatile writer… or something…