And so it is

Caught a cold again... Awoke Tuesday morning with a sore throat. On the spot a week after the last cold had left me. That one had a lot of muscle pain, and stomach trouble and icky fatigue to and fro, and just enough snottiness to tell me it probably was due to some kind of [...]

Apropos painting

Never say: I can't! Maybe it was true when you were five, or maybe ten years ago. Maybe it was true even yesterday, or an hour ago. Does that mean it will be true tomorrow or for the rest of your life? No! I can't draw and I can't paint. That's something I've said to [...]

Oh! My! God!

This new blank page, totally empty - and demanding - it's scary like hell... "Now, now! Be strong, Thêa! You know you can do it!" "I know... but... still scared..." "See it for what it is, an old, untrue belief, then put it away. Say: I'm good at this! I can do it!" "Okay! I'm [...]

Like a blindfolded fool

Like a blindfolded fool, you don't see what is obvious, right in front of your eyes. Then you get a bit surprised, when you see you actually had acted cleverly, and dated the last writing session. (chapter seven)

Apropos writing

Things are growing on me! One of my friends in my Thursday afternoon group, M, also wants to participate in a writing class. We have been talking about this earlier, and yesterday we brought up the topic again. It doesn't have to be posh or anything! It doesn't even have to have a teacher. What [...]