Been busy

For quite many hours the last week, I've been trying to reach some kind of order among my photos and images. Not the easiest task, goodness knows, but somewhat necessary. I don't know what I have, don't know where to find a particular item, and everything is a total mess. So guess how it feels, [...]


I love this movie! In another lifetime, I must have been there and then... With all the painters and writers... inventors and scientists... musicians and explorers... Europe, late ninetieth and early twentieth century...

have gone yellow

mean yellow, the color. don't mean jealous or something like that mean that I for some reason have gone from dark to bright but there has to be some yang in the yin and some yin in the yang or else there is lack in balance    

There are days…

So! Finally, the cold caught me! No! I didn't chase the cold trying to catch it! It was the other way around, I promise! English is such a funny language sometimes - but so is Swedish as well, I guess, for everyone else but us. In Britain, you don't only catch a cold. It rains [...]

Sometimes, someone…

Sometimes, when I feel like it, when I want to be entertained, I open YouTube and there I go for Britain's Got Talent. Sometimes I want to see comedians, sometimes magicians or dancers. There are lots and lots of talents to be amazed by. Just let the shows go on. And Sometimes - there is [...]