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I have now signed up to participate in Camp WriMo, april 2019

Terrified and nervous I face thirty days of writing, exploring what will happen with “The Solar Eclipse”.  With Jaycee and Bill.

Oh my god!

But you can’t let fear rule you, can you?
Oh no! NO! NO! NO!

... and at this very minute, time is 11.20 PM, Sunday, March 31, 2019...

The last day of March

Ninny Rhino – the Mini WriMo – day 31

And as such – also the last day of Ninny Rhino.
How did it go?

I’m satisfied!

I’m sitting here now, after lunch, with the coffee – pondering.
We have this night changed our clocks to summertime. Outdoor a totally blue sky falls in folds over the city. The sun pours warmth and light through my windows and it’s time to pull down the blind and draw the curtain facing south. But there is also a fierce nippy wind blowing, stopping me from entering the balcony.

Earlier today, though, I went for a short walk. I breathed in the wonderful sight of buds on tree branches and bushes, and newborn white starflowers popping open in the green grass. There are nothing like the first sunny days of spring, even a nippy day.

So? How was March?
Did I write as I was supposed to? Daily?
No, not quite. Most days though, I wrote something. Many days I organized my files and folders with writing stuff and uploaded a selection of them as new projects in Scrivener.

And not forgetting! – I wrote the beginning to something completely new, thanks to Diana Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror, when I attended her writing prompt for March. So it’s actually her doing, inspiring me both to join Ninny Rhino as well as that prompt. Which in turn dared me to go further with my writing.

On the whole! Comparing with other months, I have during March written more, and more frequently, than for  quite a long time. And completed other tasks that are connected to writing.

That includes reading or listening to more books during March than I also haven’t done for a long time. As I see it, reading is an important part of writing. Even an occasional bad book! If you can stand it and actually finish it, you might learn how not to write. 😉

This has probably a lot to do with my joining up with Goodreads. So many books there are in the world, that I would love to read or listen to!
I actually also got me my own account on Storytel, instead of sharing the family account of my daughter’s. Feels nice to have my own book-shelf also there.

So! Despite the fact I didn’t write every single day, I’m very pleased with my achievement. I can clearly see now, that I’m moving forward with myself, my life, my dreams, my writing. With Me!

And tomorrow is April 1st... 
and CampWriMo...


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What the…?

I biked to Ikea today, because there was something I needed. Came back home with a plastic covered, flat, package. Hmmm! What’s inside? 😉

I’ll tell you , further down – but first…

Yesterday I read a blog post written by Alex Raizman about something called Camp Nano. I had never even heard about that before. I am on the other hand familiar with NaNoWriMo, though I’ve never participated. Not yet anyway. The bare thought of signing up to write 50000 words during November, one month only, has felt way too much, too stressful. I’ve chickened out.

This Camp!
Also for a month, April.
Also writing WORDS!!!

BUT! You set all the parameters yourself! Read what Alex has written, he explains it way better than I would: Why I prefer Camp Nano to Standard Nano

Read it?
Then we go on here.

I haven’t found, not yet anyway, a gang, a cluster, a group, a cabin or whatever you may call it. (In that way this is a lousy city…) Other than you, my friends. Just being there, might help me a lot to stay focused. I mean! I can’t quit, can I, since you’re watching my back so I won’t slip away… 😀 😀 😀

So! In one way or another I have to update my progress, haven’t I?

Not necessarily every day, but regularly.

Which preferences do I set for myself?
First of all – to write something every day. Blog posts not counted.
Second – I’ll use “The solar eclipse” as the starter. It has potential and isn’t cluttered with old thoughts, ideas and  – blockages.  It’s “clean” so to speak.

I won’t set any minimum goal on how many words I have to write each day. 1000 would be good, but 10 is okay. I have made an effort. But some 500 – or more – might be plausible. And will maybe help me to keep alert.

But the most important of all in this scenario, is that I sit down at my desk every – single – day! I must come back to that habit. I’ve been there before, so I know I can do it. I just have to do it as well.

Now you probably wonder, what that Ikea stuff is about! Well! I’ll tell you now!

I’m not particularly tall, you see, not tiny either but I have difficulties sitting comfortably at a desk or any table of the usual height.  Either I sit comfortably on the chair with both feet on the floor, and the desktop is too high for me.
OR! I lift the chair so that I can sit comfortably when writing, but then my legs and feet have trouble with how to behave. I place them on a small stool, or on the edge of the desk, or even upon the wheels of the chair. But neither is good! And not good for the back! So then I end up in the sofa! Which also is quite bad for the back!

So, therefore, I went to Ikea. To buy THIS! To put my feet on, while sitting at my desk. SOOOO! I’ve uploaded The Eclipse to Scrivener and I have fixed my work place. Now let’s go – after lunch and coffee! 😉

(I'm sorry I've been so verbose today. 
Have no time to make this shorter.
I want lunch! It's past 2 PM and I'm HUNGRY!)
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Traveling in Time

After having finished reading “Educated” by Tara Westover, I grabbed hold of an old favorite of mine:
The Timetraveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger.

It’s one of these old stories. Boy meets Girl. They fall in love, get married, and then they live happily ever after.


There are some issues though, isn’t there always? And the special issue here – is that the man travels through time! Unwillingly, unwittingly, and without any clue of when this will happen, and where he will appear.

What I (also) really love and admire with this novel, is the way it’s written. It’s certainly not an easy way of building a novel. But Niffenegger has done it so well. Of course with the language, the grammar et cetera – but there is so much more to it.

She has two main characters: Claire and Henry. The entire book is written in the first tense, and in – hm –  do you ever call this “in the first person”? (As in “I go” not “She went”) All the time the story is in one of the characters owns personal view. And they alternate with the story, Claire tells her point of view, and Henry his.

Not only Henry, but the story itself jumps in time. Back and forth, over and over again. I find it really hard to describe this to you! The story is like a 5000 pieces jigsaw puzzle, and Niffenegger has manged to get every single piece in its right place – depicting a marvelous story!

Personally, I just love to write in the first tense, and YES! of course, I also have written in the first person (I), as well as in second person (you), and I know how difficult it can be. You really have to keep yourself on the toes, and not only think twice but ten times or more, how to write to keep consistency. You just can’t slip in the middle of it and let through a “said” or something else in past tense.

But when well done, I think writing in the first tense gives a story a most beautiful closeness.

When you write in the first person, you really have to be aware of what the person in question actually can or can’t see or hear.


Below I’ve added what Goodreads has to say about the novel. (I have a hard time finding words – and! I am a lazy-butt). Read it!

The Time Traveler’s Wife

A funny, often poignant tale of boy meets girl with a twist: what if one of them couldn’t stop slipping in and out of time? Highly original and imaginative, this debut novel raises questions about life, love, and the effects of time on relationships.

Audrey Niffenegger’s innovative debut, The Time Traveler’s Wife, is the story of Clare, a beautiful art student, and Henry, an adventuresome librarian, who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-three and Henry thirty-one. Impossible but true, because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono-Displacement Disorder: periodically his genetic clock resets and he finds himself misplaced in time, pulled to moments of emotional gravity in his life, past and future. His disappearances are spontaneous, his experiences unpredictable, alternately harrowing and amusing.

The Time Traveler’s Wife depicts the effects of time travel on Henry and Clare’s marriage and their passionate love for each other as the story unfolds from both points of view. Clare and Henry attempt to live normal lives, pursuing familiar goals—steady jobs, good friends, children of their own. All of this is threatened by something they can neither prevent nor control, making their story intensely moving and entirely unforgettable.

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All by myself!

Finally I had money to buy blinds to replace the sloppy curtains. So I biked to the mall…
And now! Two windows done – three more to go!

(The sun was shining,
I was climbing,
balancing, swearing & sweating… )

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It’s almost silly

I’m still organizing those files, between the “must do’s”. Not much left now. Only the worst ones are still waiting for me to take care of them. The novels with the most files and folders are lying there grinning at me.

I dread starting to go through that massive slave-work.

Also, all of my files with saved blog posts are left. Couldn’t upload them to Scrivener. Probably due to all images. At that time, I just copied the posts as they were and pasted them into word documents.

So I’ll have to:
1). Throw away all copies!
2). Delete all images.
3). Turn all the posts into chronological orders.

Must be at least 1000-1500 posts in those files, if that’s enough, and not counting the copies. And then all the copies of the files… and copies of copies…

But I let my old health-and-food-blog go down the drain!

Goodness, gracious! How much I must have written during those years between 2006 and 2012! … or something.
(There are a few texts of later dates.)

It was fun checking out my work, though. Found myself reading here and reading there. Found idéas, notes, short drafts et cetera, which I had almost forgotten about.

Besides “The Solar Eclipse”, I have other Fantasy drafts, and after mixing some of those shorter texts (idéas, notes) with already existing drafts, I might have some kind of openings for at least two novels. Maybe three.
(Maybe more? My first novel started with a sentence I overheard one day. A sentence with three words only… and a “triptych” I wrote – three short stories that go together – began with a surname I once saw in an elevator…)

Do I have material for these? And imagination and inspiration enough to continue writing? Well! Let’s see! I’ve better go inside and ask my Muse.

“Do you think…
“Yes!” she immediately interrupts me. (Or if it is a he… or an androgyne… or my guardian angel… or my higher self… whoever…)

Apropos! I also found a short story I wrote fairly recently, in 2015 I think, with a Muse as the main character. It’s a funny story. A funny Muse. A male Muse. My Muse. (Okay! So it is a he, after all.)

There is, without doubt, more work to do with all these files, but I sense I ‘d rather want to start writing again now! Can continue sorting intermittently. There’s just one big question – which of those drafts, beginnings, whatever, should I focus on first? Or is perhaps the newest one, The solar eclipse, the one I now foremost need – actually need –  to keep on wakening me up from the not-writing-fiction-coma?

I must confess, though!

I’m scared.
Happy! Thrilled! But also scared.
It lures me – to start writing again, properly, after so many years with and after the burn-out.
But it also frightens me immensely. Especially if I chose to continue working on The Solar Eclipse
And feel that I should share some results with you. Like a continuing story…

What if I fail???
What if I drop out???

Or is sharing with you, just what I need?
A little pressure to achieve… at least something?

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A while ago, I told you I was organizing my files and folders with writing stuff. (That was two weeks ago. How time flies when you’re happy). My first goal was to gather my writings in one folder only, in one place at the computer. At the same time, I wanted to get rid of as many copies as possible. Most of the files were word documents, .doc and .docx, but there were also .txt, .rtf, Pages, old Scrivener files and some pdf. The oldest ones from 2006. (I believe.)
(Where are all those prior of 2006?)

I gathered them together and also deleted lots! After a couple of days, each of my novels was to be found in its own folder, no matter how many files it still consisted of. Some of my short stories also got a folder of its own, while the other had to share. Like my mini short-stories. But also shared main folders for diary-notes, short drafts and idéas, old blog posts, notes from all my lessons in Creative writing, et cetera!

Still, though, there were lots of copies, and copies of copies. But I couldn’t, without first checking it, delete a file called “Chapter one” for example. Not until I knew where it belonged. Wouldn’t take the risk of deleting a whole manuscript by “mistake”! (Read carelessness)

It felt really good to see, that one and only head-folder on the desktop and inside neatly presented every main folder I had created. And nowhere else on the computer, there were files that instead should be in there.

I paused, for like a week. Pondered how to continue. Those word documents are horrible to compare with each other. Is it an exact copy of a file, or is it actually a different version? Would I really have to open all those files,  just to be able to compare?

No! There was a much better solution. When I wrote “The Solar Eclipse” I did it in Scrivener. And there it was! Of course, I should upload all my files to Scrivener as different projects!

I uploaded one folder at a time. Started with “Idéas, notes and short drafts”. It was perfect! I got a perfect view of all the files, could see two of them at the same time and easily switch to another, and also easily delete duplicates. Then sort the files in different folders, depending on what type of note it was.

For a couple of days, I now have occupied myself with this task, and I actually enjoy doing it! I’m not finished yet. Done are the eight easiest folders, but I still have to maintain the novels and the longer short stories. And some other stuff!

Well… thirteen folders left, actually, and only three or four of them I would consider “easy”. Thanks to Scrivener, it will still take hours and hours to finish this quest. But! It will be manageable! (I’ve dreaded this slave-work for years…)

Thank Goodess, I have a 27 inches external screen! With my MacBookPro’s 13 inches screen only…
Let’s just say this: it’s easier with a bigger screen. It doesn’t have to be that jammed…

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I can’t stop!

At present, I’m listening to “Educated” written by Tara Westover. It’s amazing!

Memoirs are not my first choice of books to read, but if there are more of those like this one – I would for certain read more memories.
Well-written, mindblowing, heartbreaking, mesmerizing, upsetting, interesting, agonizing, wonderful……

I just can’t stop listening!

During three days, I’ve listened to 72% while doing the dishes, driving the 30 kilometers to the next city, browsing the food store, having lunch, coffee or dinner, while knitting, and so on… Even when walking 2,3 kilometers home today with a newly bought sun-chair on the back of my bike.

I had to force myself now, to do something else. Like writing. 😉 Not staying plugged in for the rest of the day. But it’s really a good thing to listen to books, since one can do anything and everything else while doing it. Except for that which also needs the brains fully attention.

However! Once again there is something that makes me want to learn more. To educate myself more. She is inspirational, Tara.

Ooops! Forgot to take that photo I’d meant to take. And NO, I couldn’t wait until Friday or some day next week, when I’ll have mydaughters car available…

Guess there were some people thinking I’m crazy. Hmmm… maybe I am.
But that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

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My mistake!

And I started to think. (Better late than never…)

This is a solar eclipse, not a lunar eclipse!

Wrongly I wrote The Lunar Eclipse in a previous post. I guess the sentence “Overhead is a huge moon eclipsing the sun” made me think in the wrong direction. I, who usually think way too much, maybe didn’t even think at all this time. Probably also in combination with the fact that English isn’t my first language.
Ergo! I misinterpreted “moon eclipsing the sun”.

However! I must confess, I liked the "feeling" of "lunar eclipse" better. 
But I can change all that in the draft later... 
I can do anything I want in the draft later... :D

I DO make mistakes! I know. Hopefully, I discover at least most of my mistakes before publishing anything on the blog, and at least the worst ones. But I can’t be sure. Unless anyone tells me. (Please do!)

For example, I often make mistakes when choosing a preposition, but at least with that, Grammarly corrects me. Anyway, I hope so, I don’t always agree with its suggestions. (Especially not when it’s about commas. And it’s always nagging me about semicolons.)
Like this sentence in my previous post: “The first story written in this recent upgrade of Scrivener, and a story never written before.” Grammarly wanted me to add a “is” before the word written, and remove the comma after “Scrivener”.  And then, it wanted me to add a “was” before the second “written”. To me – that would change the entire meaning of the sentence into something else.
I didn’t agree. I think these suggestions make the sentence really ugly! Am I right or am I right? What do you think?
“The first story is written in this recent upgrade of Scrivener and a story never was written before.”
No! I would never, ever, even consider publishing a sentence as clumsy and wrong as this one!

THIS is a Lunar Eclipse! A full one.

Grammarly, however, can’t discover the wrongness in writing Lunar instead of Solar, since it isn’t wrong per see. Grammatically speaking. It could have been either or! But Grammarly is a machine, and can’t see images and draw conclusions from that.

So now I have to correct my mistakes, both in the previous post and in the draft I have in Scrivener. If I ever succeed in writing a novel or short story solely in English, I surely would need some alive person, to read the manuscript in search of mistakes in grammar, spelling and bad choices of words. Well, spelling is probably the least problem. Spelling has always been a strong side of mine, both in Swedish and in English.
But, who knows?

And this is, as said before, a full Solar eclipse.
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The story begins

It was really wonderful, the other day, to sit here in my chair writing. It was thrilling to experience the story growing, hatching somewhere within me, and then pouring down through my fingers. I used Scrivener. The first story written in this recent upgrade of Scrivener, and a story never written before. All is new, one could say. A fitting start after all these years with a burn-out.

I called it “The Solar Eclipse”. Not a particularly fancy name, rather obvious actually, but also quite adequate. There is something peculiar about that eclipse, so it will be present in the story more than once.

My intention when I started to write, was to create a short text. After all, I haven’t written any new story, neither short nor long, for several years. I’ve been working on one of my novels now and then though, that really needed a freshen up, but that’s quite a different issue, isn’t it? And not even half as fun.

I had also a couple of thoughts about what the story would be like. A couple of why’s and a couple of how’s. What was driving the main character to do what she (or he?) had done and is about to do. What will happen along the road? It didn’t turn out as planned. Soon enough the story started to live a life of its own (as usual), and I just loved that (as usual)!

There are still some of those seeds and intents left there, but instead of just a really short Short story, it seems like it has the potential of being something more. And I actually long for continuing writing. If not for anything else, at least so I will know what happens next. And next…

I chose to write in the present tense since I like that form and it will do well considering the “I” is telling the story. Not exactly as a narrator, but the point of view will (probably) remain in the main characters head. I know this will call for some extra attention from my part, but this isn’t the first time I chose this form. Though, so far, only in short stories. However, a challenge like this might very well be really fun.

I’m so happy that stories still can come through me, and if it hadn’t been for Diana’s March speculative fiction prompt, I might not have written anything at all. Or at least it would have taken a lot more time before I managed to force myself even to try.