Five for Friday: Beginnings

Oh, my goodness! I wish I HAD a beginning! At all! Even if it were the worst of all times!
(And I DO mean for a novel or a short story or something. 😉 Otherwise, all is fine…)

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Ciao! Today is a “Five for Friday” post, and I thought it might be fun to see how a novel begins.

I don’t know about you, but I find beginnings to be difficult. I’m an outliner, so I have a plan when I start and I know what I want. But getting in the groove and finding just the right way to open the book? It takes me a while.

I thought we could look at the progression of beginnings today, as penned by one of my favorites: Snoopy.

Snoopy's Novel Openings

I have to say, my beginnings aren’t that good the first time through. (Yikes!) 😩

So, I put it to you, SEers. How do you feel about your beginnings? And what might your next line be? (Gotta get the king in there!)

Let’s talk about it.

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15 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Beginnings

    1. I love that this post sparked some conversation.

      Victoria, I envy you. I obsess over my beginnings. They take more time than outlining, middles, endings, or edits for me. I just hope all my efforts are worth it!

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      1. Generally speaking, during my years of writing, the first sentence hasn’t been the hard one. On the contrary! It has often been the spark that has initiated the entire story!
        Sometimes a name, other time a couple of words I’ve overheard, sometimes an image, sometime some image I’ve suddenly seen inside my mind. Often small tings…

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      2. On the other hand… I’ve never been able to plan a story before I write it down. They come as if I were reading them, or like I just get them from somewhere, bits by bits.
        I just HAVE TO sit down and give myself some time at the Mac!
        I’m such a lazy-butt…

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