Funny Rhino – day 4 of 9

Feel like I’ve done next to nothing today. Fell asleep late last night, woke up early. Biked to my grandson – in the rain, picked him up, put him in the car, drove him to the doctor. He have had a nasty sore throat and been sick for a week.

Then I drove him home again, continued to the pharmacy, bought coughing syrup, pain killers, Vitamin C and such, drove back – he was fairly okay…

Biked home in the rain…

Had a late second breakfast, did nothing for a while, fell asleep in the sofa for two hours….

Then it was almost the middle of the afternoon.

. . . . . . . . . .

Computer time! (For... like... the rest of the day. Almost... )

Had in mind to update my Scrivener to version 3.


Haven’t the same mail address as I had when I bought version 2 in 2013.


I had to do something about that, otherwise I couldn’t get version 3 to the reduced price. I would have to buy a totally new – to almost twice the cost. (45 US dollars instead of 25)

Wouldn’t want to do that, would I?

Mailed Literature & Latte. To the update/info address.
Automatic message – they had loads of emails from people who asked about Scrivener. Should mail me back as soon as possible. (When? In two days? Next week?)

Browsed the L&L site, tested the button BUY!!!!!

A note appeared: if you have changed address, please contact us on sales…..
(With a faulty address, you can’t get the reduced-price-update.)
(Oh! Sorry! I’ve already stated that…)

A similar automatic message appeared and I prepared myself to get some help in one or two days… maybe…

Suddenly there was the mail !!! From some Astrid !!! Thought at first the mail was a hoax. But it wasn’t.

She had changed my old mail address to my present one, but told me to wait before trying to buy and download. It would take a while before all the necessary changes in the system had landed.

Evening. I tried to buy and download for the second time and now I got all I needed. The download, the registration number… everything I needed to get the NEW Scrivener!

And from there on, all was as easy as eating peanuts, roasted and salted.


And I finally managed to write something as well...