Also the 6th day of 9 of Ninny Rhino. Though it is still early in the morning and I am still in bed.

Spent way too many hours yesterday sitting at my desk in front of my Laptop. The Rhino 🦏 and the new Scrivener triggered an urge to get it all neat and tidy among my endlessly amount of files and folders with writing stuff. It’s quite frightening how many copies and versions I have of everything.

I can hardly see the woods for all the trees! If you catch my drift…

So I have been moving files, and deleting files, and searched for what I have from different angles. Very tiring but also very satisfying to do so. Still, I have loads left to maintain.

Today though, I’ll be with friends both during forenoon and afternoon. I love ❤️ my Thursdays!

But after dinner, this evening, I’ll most likely be seated at my desk in front of my laptop again. Or maybe in the sofa.

3 thoughts on “Computing

    1. The light is quite cosy, thank you!
      And I have had a really lovely day!
      I hope you have (had?) a lovely day too.

      It’s crazy, what a lot of duplicates and triplicates and fourplicates and… and so on… there are on my hard drive.
      Perhaps unnecessarily slowing the system down. Let’s call it garbage. Some of it IS garbage!

      I wonder how much garbage there is that is slowing my system down, and if that garbage can join the computer garbage down the drain?
      You know, clean your house = clean your body = clean your mind.

      (Apropos. I just have to do the dishes… tomorrow… ) 😉

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