The story begins

It was really wonderful, the other day, to sit here in my chair writing. It was thrilling to experience the story growing, hatching somewhere within me, and then pouring down through my fingers. I used Scrivener. The first story written in this recent upgrade of Scrivener, and a story never written before. All is new, one could say. A fitting start after all these years with a burn-out.

I called it “The Solar Eclipse”. Not a particularly fancy name, rather obvious actually, but also quite adequate. There is something peculiar about that eclipse, so it will be present in the story more than once.

My intention when I started to write, was to create a short text. After all, I haven’t written any new story, neither short nor long, for several years. I’ve been working on one of my novels now and then though, that really needed a freshen up, but that’s quite a different issue, isn’t it? And not even half as fun.

I had also a couple of thoughts about what the story would be like. A couple of why’s and a couple of how’s. What was driving the main character to do what she (or he?) had done and is about to do. What will happen along the road? It didn’t turn out as planned. Soon enough the story started to live a life of its own (as usual), and I just loved that (as usual)!

There are still some of those seeds and intents left there, but instead of just a really short Short story, it seems like it has the potential of being something more. And I actually long for continuing writing. If not for anything else, at least so I will know what happens next. And next…

I chose to write in the present tense since I like that form and it will do well considering the “I” is telling the story. Not exactly as a narrator, but the point of view will (probably) remain in the main characters head. I know this will call for some extra attention from my part, but this isn’t the first time I chose this form. Though, so far, only in short stories. However, a challenge like this might very well be really fun.

I’m so happy that stories still can come through me, and if it hadn’t been for Diana’s March speculative fiction prompt, I might not have written anything at all. Or at least it would have taken a lot more time before I managed to force myself even to try.


4 thoughts on “The story begins

  1. I’m so glad you were inspired, Thea, and that all of these possibilities are swirling in your head. I wrote a two-book series that started as a response to a prompt, so there is no reason that you shouldn’t follow your muse. I can feel the positive energy in your words. Happy Writing!

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    1. So am I! Really!
      Input of inspiration is important. I wrote the most during those years I was attending classes in Creative writing, of various kinds.
      And now? In this city? I can’t find even one of those classes at any of the evening schools. Or anywhere else. It’s horrific! In this quite big city!!! I could learn Urdu or Swahili if I want to – but not attend in a class for creative writing.
      Lucky there is the internet

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      1. Haven’t found any writer’s group yet. One of my Thursday-group friends also talked about wanting to attend such a group, but last Thursday she talked about a painting group instead. But I guess sometime it will pop up an opportunity. And somewhere to meet.
        😀 Me too! 😀

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