My mistake!

And I started to think. (Better late than never…)

This is a solar eclipse, not a lunar eclipse!

Wrongly I wrote The Lunar Eclipse in a previous post. I guess the sentence “Overhead is a huge moon eclipsing the sun” made me think in the wrong direction. I, who usually think way too much, maybe didn’t even think at all this time. Probably also in combination with the fact that English isn’t my first language.
Ergo! I misinterpreted “moon eclipsing the sun”.

However! I must confess, I liked the "feeling" of "lunar eclipse" better. 
But I can change all that in the draft later... 
I can do anything I want in the draft later... :D

I DO make mistakes! I know. Hopefully, I discover at least most of my mistakes before publishing anything on the blog, and at least the worst ones. But I can’t be sure. Unless anyone tells me. (Please do!)

For example, I often make mistakes when choosing a preposition, but at least with that, Grammarly corrects me. Anyway, I hope so, I don’t always agree with its suggestions. (Especially not when it’s about commas. And it’s always nagging me about semicolons.)
Like this sentence in my previous post: “The first story written in this recent upgrade of Scrivener, and a story never written before.” Grammarly wanted me to add a “is” before the word written, and remove the comma after “Scrivener”.  And then, it wanted me to add a “was” before the second “written”. To me – that would change the entire meaning of the sentence into something else.
I didn’t agree. I think these suggestions make the sentence really ugly! Am I right or am I right? What do you think?
“The first story is written in this recent upgrade of Scrivener and a story never was written before.”
No! I would never, ever, even consider publishing a sentence as clumsy and wrong as this one!

THIS is a Lunar Eclipse! A full one.

Grammarly, however, can’t discover the wrongness in writing Lunar instead of Solar, since it isn’t wrong per see. Grammatically speaking. It could have been either or! But Grammarly is a machine, and can’t see images and draw conclusions from that.

So now I have to correct my mistakes, both in the previous post and in the draft I have in Scrivener. If I ever succeed in writing a novel or short story solely in English, I surely would need some alive person, to read the manuscript in search of mistakes in grammar, spelling and bad choices of words. Well, spelling is probably the least problem. Spelling has always been a strong side of mine, both in Swedish and in English.
But, who knows?

And this is, as said before, a full Solar eclipse.