What the…?

I biked to Ikea today, because there was something I needed. Came back home with a plastic covered, flat, package. Hmmm! What’s inside? 😉

I’ll tell you , further down – but first…

Yesterday I read a blog post written by Alex Raizman about something called Camp Nano. I had never even heard about that before. I am on the other hand familiar with NaNoWriMo, though I’ve never participated. Not yet anyway. The bare thought of signing up to write 50000 words during November, one month only, has felt way too much, too stressful. I’ve chickened out.

This Camp!
Also for a month, April.
Also writing WORDS!!!

BUT! You set all the parameters yourself! Read what Alex has written, he explains it way better than I would: Why I prefer Camp Nano to Standard Nano

Read it?
Then we go on here.

I haven’t found, not yet anyway, a gang, a cluster, a group, a cabin or whatever you may call it. (In that way this is a lousy city…) Other than you, my friends. Just being there, might help me a lot to stay focused. I mean! I can’t quit, can I, since you’re watching my back so I won’t slip away… 😀 😀 😀

So! In one way or another I have to update my progress, haven’t I?

Not necessarily every day, but regularly.

Which preferences do I set for myself?
First of all – to write something every day. Blog posts not counted.
Second – I’ll use “The solar eclipse” as the starter. It has potential and isn’t cluttered with old thoughts, ideas and  – blockages.  It’s “clean” so to speak.

I won’t set any minimum goal on how many words I have to write each day. 1000 would be good, but 10 is okay. I have made an effort. But some 500 – or more – might be plausible. And will maybe help me to keep alert.

But the most important of all in this scenario, is that I sit down at my desk every – single – day! I must come back to that habit. I’ve been there before, so I know I can do it. I just have to do it as well.

Now you probably wonder, what that Ikea stuff is about! Well! I’ll tell you now!

I’m not particularly tall, you see, not tiny either but I have difficulties sitting comfortably at a desk or any table of the usual height.  Either I sit comfortably on the chair with both feet on the floor, and the desktop is too high for me.
OR! I lift the chair so that I can sit comfortably when writing, but then my legs and feet have trouble with how to behave. I place them on a small stool, or on the edge of the desk, or even upon the wheels of the chair. But neither is good! And not good for the back! So then I end up in the sofa! Which also is quite bad for the back!

So, therefore, I went to Ikea. To buy THIS! To put my feet on, while sitting at my desk. SOOOO! I’ve uploaded The Eclipse to Scrivener and I have fixed my work place. Now let’s go – after lunch and coffee! 😉

(I'm sorry I've been so verbose today. 
Have no time to make this shorter.
I want lunch! It's past 2 PM and I'm HUNGRY!)